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In the dazzling world of Belgian glamour and football, one name stands out – Michèle Lacroix. Born on December 8, 1993, in the vibrant city of Genk, Michèle is not just a renowned model but also the better half of Belgian football sensation Kevin De Bruyne. This blog post delves into the captivating journey of Michèle Lacroix, from her early life and education to her flourishing career and family life.

 Michèle Lacroix Early Life & Education:

Growing up in a nurturing Christian household, Michèle was born to her father, Roland Lacroix, and an undisclosed mother. Her close-knit family also includes an older sister, Charlotte Lacroix. After completing her education, Michèle pursued higher learning and successfully earned a degree from the prestigious Hasselt University in Belgium.

 Michèle Lacroix Career Transition:

Michèle Lacroix initially worked at Prime Impressions Hostesses Hasselt, a prominent promotions agency. However, her career trajectory took a fascinating turn as she transitioned into the world of social media and became a captivating influencer. She announced her return to the big screen as the host of the Secret Society podcast, promising an engaging experience alongside other accomplished women.

Marriage to Kevin De Bruyne:

In 2017, Michèle Lacroix exchanged vows with Kevin De Bruyne, a football maestro who gained global fame as the top goal scorer in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The couple shares a blissful marital life and is proud parents to three adorable children. Mason Milian De Bruyne was born in March 2016, followed by Rome De Bruyne in October 2018. Their familial bliss reached its zenith in 2020 with the arrival of their only daughter, Suri De Bruyne.

Kevin De Bruyne: A Football Phenomenon:

Kevin De Bruyne, Michèle’s husband, is hailed as one of the best football players of his generation. As a midfielder for Premier League club Manchester City and the captain of both his club and the Belgium national team, De Bruyne’s exceptional talents, versatility, and leadership have contributed significantly to his team’s local and international success.

 Michèle Lacroix Social Media Presence:

Michèle Lacroix is not just a model and influencer; she’s a social media personality with a substantial following. You can catch glimpses of her glamorous life on Instagram (@lacroixmichele) and Twitter (@michelelacroix).

 Michèle Lacroix Net Worth:

With a thriving career as a model and influencer, Michèle Lacroix boasts an estimated net worth ranging from $1 million to $3 million. This calculation takes into account her assets, possessions, and earnings over time, providing a glimpse into her financial standing.


  1. What is Michèle Lacroix’s educational background? Michèle graduated from Hasselt University in Belgium.
  2. When did Michèle and Kevin De Bruyne get married? The couple tied the knot in 2017.
  3. How many children do Michèle and Kevin have? They are proud parents to three children: Mason Milian, Rome, and Suri De Bruyne.
  4. What is Kevin De Bruyne known for in football? Kevin De Bruyne gained fame as the top goal scorer in the 2014 FIFA World Cup and is considered one of the best midfielders globally.

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