Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Canada: Tuition, fees, Admissions, Rankings

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD) is a renowned institution in Halifax, Canada, specializing in art and design. Established in 1887, NSCAD has a rich history of producing respected artists and performers. This article provides an overview of the university’s rankings, tuition fees, admission process, language requirements, and available degree programs.


NSCAD holds a notable position in global rankings, with EduRank placing it at #5342 and UniRank at #4528. The university’s emphasis on craftsmanship and innovation sets it apart from other art schools in Canada.

Tuition Fees:

For both bachelor’s and master’s students, NSCAD’s tuition fees vary based on the student’s type.

  • Bachelor’s Tuition Fees:

    • Domestic Students: 10,000 CAD – 11,284 CAD
    • International Students: 23,834 CAD
  • Master’s Tuition Fees:

    • Domestic Students: 10,063 CAD – 11,348 CAD
    • International Students: 24,024 CAD


The admission process at NSCAD depends on the program and may differ for international and domestic students. Prospective students can find detailed information on the bachelor’s and master’s admission pages on the university’s website.

Language Requirements:

NSCAD has specific language requirements for international students, with minimum scores for IELTS and TOEFL. For example:

  • Bachelor’s: IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 90
  • Master’s: IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 94

Degree Programs:

NSCAD offers a range of bachelor’s and master’s programs in various artistic disciplines, including Art History, Ceramics, Design, and Fine Arts. Prospective students can explore detailed information about these programs on the university’s course pages.


Q: How can I apply to NSCAD as an international student? A: International students can find detailed admission requirements on NSCAD’s International Admissions Page.

Q: What are the English language requirements for NSCAD? A: The required minimum scores for IELTS and TOEFL may vary by program; refer to NSCAD’s language pages for specific details.


This guide provides essential information for those considering Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University for their studies. From rankings and tuition fees to admission processes and language requirements, prospective students can use this resource to plan their educational journey at NSCAD.

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