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In the dynamic world of football, few players shine as brightly as Kevin De Bruyne, fondly known as KDB. Born on June 28, 1991, in Drongen, Ghent, Belgium, this football virtuoso has etched his name among the greats. Currently donning the colors of Manchester City in the Premier League, De Bruyne’s journey from local academies to international stardom is a testament to his exceptional skill and determination.

Kevin De Bruyne  Early Life & Education:

Growing up in the picturesque village of Drongen, Kevin’s parents, Anna and Herwig De Bruyne, provided the nurturing environment for his love of football. While he didn’t follow the traditional path of higher education, Kevin’s dedication to honing his football skills started early. He attended local schools in Belgium and progressed through esteemed youth academies like KVV Drongen, Gent, and Genk.

Kevin De Bruyne  Career Beginnings:

Kevin De Bruyne’s professional journey kicked off in 1997 with KVV Drongen. His talent quickly caught the eye, leading him to Gent and eventually Genk in 2005. His breakthrough came in 2009 when he made his debut for Genk, playing a pivotal role in their Belgian Pro League triumph during the 2010-2011 season. His stellar performances earned him the Belgian Young Player of the Year title in 2011.

Transition to Premier League:

In January 2012, Chelsea secured De Bruyne’s services for £7 million. Despite initial struggles adapting to English football, Kevin showcased his brilliance on loan at Werder Bremen, scoring 10 goals in the 2012-2013 season. A move to Wolfsburg followed in January 2014, where he flourished, scoring 16 goals in 34 Bundesliga games.

Triumph at Manchester City:

Manchester City made a record-breaking move for KDB in August 2015, acquiring him for £55 million. Since then, he’s become a cornerstone of the team’s success, securing five Premier League titles, five EFL Cups, and one FA Cup. His standout performances earned him the Premier League Player of the Season twice, in 2018-19 and 2021-22.

International Success:

De Bruyne joined the Belgian national team in 2010, playing over 90 matches and scoring 26 goals. His contributions helped Belgium reach the quarter-finals in the 2014 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2016. In the 2018 World Cup, he played a crucial role as Belgium secured a third-place finish, with De Bruyne earning recognition as the tournament’s standout player.

Awards & Nominations:

Kevin De Bruyne’s trophy cabinet boasts numerous individual and club honors, including Premier League Player of the Season, UEFA Team of the Year, and the DFB-Pokal. His outstanding performances have consistently earned him accolades, solidifying his status as one of the best in the world.

Kevin De Bruyne  Personal Life:

Off the pitch, Kevin De Bruyne shares a harmonious union with Michele Lacroix, a stunning Belgian model and successful businesswoman. Married since June 2017, the couple is blessed with three children: Mason Milian De Bruyne, Rome De Bruyne, and their newest addition, Suri De Bruyne.


As Kevin De Bruyne continues to dazzle on the football field, his journey remains an inspiring tale of talent, resilience, and triumph. From a small village in Belgium to the heights of international football, KDB’s story is one of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.


  1. When did Kevin De Bruyne start his professional career?

    • De Bruyne began his professional career in 1997 with KVV Drongen before moving to Gent and Genk.
  2. Which clubs has Kevin De Bruyne played for in his career?

    • De Bruyne has played for KVV Drongen, Gent, Genk, Chelsea, Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg, and Manchester City.
  3. How many Premier League titles has Kevin De Bruyne won with Manchester City?

    • Kevin De Bruyne has secured an impressive tally of five Premier League titles with Manchester City.
  4. What are Kevin De Bruyne’s notable individual awards?

    • De Bruyne has received several awards, including Premier League Player of the Season, Bundesliga Player of the Year, and FIFA FIFPro World 11.
  5. Who is Kevin De Bruyne married to, and how many children do they have?

    • Kevin De Bruyne is married to Michele Lacroix, and they have three children: Mason Milian De Bruyne, Rome De Bruyne, and Suri De Bruyne.

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