Everything You Should Know About Linda Ikeji

Everything You Should Know About Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is a popular Nigerian singer

Linda Ikeji is one of the most popular female celebrity, not only in Nigeria, but in Africa. Her rise to fame and wealth through a profession that was least known and respected in Nigeria is like a puzzle to many. So difficult to comprehend that some has resorted to attributing her success to some dubious means rather than through hard work. But the truth is that she made it through blogging, 100%.

Everybody knows, who is Linda Ikeji. She is considered to be the most popular and controversial blogger and ex-model in Nigeria. Her biggest source of fame came from her own online platform, the Linda Ikeji blog. She is the richest blogger in Nigeria. Thousands of visitors are looking for news and information on her blog every single day. What is so special about Linda and her blog? Let’s find out how Linda Ikeji became a blog star in Nigeria.

Keep reading to learn interesting facts from Linda Ikeji biography.

Everything You Should Know About Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji has one of the most winsome personalities you can ever come by. She has this winsome personality that makes people flock around her everywhere she goes. She is very open and she is therefore able to make lot of friends. In all sense of the word, Linda Ikeji is down to earth! This is one of the factors that turned her blog to a highly sought after, both in Nigerian and beyond.

Linda is a celebrity blogger from Nigeria who is considered to be one of the most successful internet entrepreneur in Nigeria. She was born on September 17, 1980 and started blogging in 2006 after trying her hands in so many other trades without success. According to her, blogging paid off, and today, she is living the life of her dream.

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Linda ikeji is truly someone the youth of Nigeria have looked up to this past few years. She has shown that blogging can be a source of employment to the youths of Nigeria. Instead of staying at home doing nothing, our youth can start with something useful such as blogging. And I thank God many. Nigerians are used to the internet, this had made blogging easy. I also have blog where I. Post educational news and meaningful things from time to time. And I hope Nigerians will stop waiting for Government but will start. Doing something meaningful. I know that this is just the starting point for linda ikeji. She would be greater than this in life.

Linda Ikeji actually began from a completely humble background she was even called a “failed model” at a point to give you an idea of how roughly she had it in her earlier effort to gain access to the limelight. However, she has become a phenomenon. Undoubtedly, she is one of the richest entrepreneurs in Nigerian and she even compete with some male millionaires for position.

Linda Ikeji has had it good so far. She is a wealthy person by all standards. She has one of the most beautiful houses at Banana Island. She also has fleet of cars. Some years back, she built a real beautiful edifice of a house for her parents and she also bought them expensive and impressive cars.

To think that a couple of years ago, Linda Ikeji was just a lady with a dream and few coins In her pocket like most people around. Yet she dared to press forward. A couple even admitted that they used to laughed at her behind her back of course when they’d see her journeying to the cafe to go and blog. Now, just about 6 years down the line and those that laughed at her are nobody and Linda is a name that some of the biggest brands are proud to be associated with.

As we can see, Linda Ikeji went through her ups and down, but stayed true to herself. She is a very determined and persistent young lady. She has become a role model to many people. The current passion for her is community work. Ikeji has a non-profit project, which aims to help young girls at age of 16–25 to start their own business.

Linda Ikeja had been in several things in her effort to make money in those early days. She was once a model and she also had several part time engagements when she was in the university. However, she is known mostly by most people for her blogging engagements. This is because blogging is principal to bringing her so much wealth and affluence.

Great write up on Linda Ikeji. Although I know how popular and rich of a blogger she is, I have never taken the time to read on her detailed Biography. I guess you can say she is an inspiration to all in terms of working hard and being consistent in your passion. Btw great site you have here.

This is another factor that places Linda Ikeji at the top. She never gave up in her effort to build something out of her career as a blogger despite the fact that the idea was not so popular at the time. It is not easy to set up a blog and also keep on posting on it on regular basis. However, this uneasy route was the one chosen by Linda Ikeji. She kept on updating her blog on regular basis and this show of hard work and consistency soon brought her fame she had never thought possible in her wildest imagination. She was not just posting on her blog, she was always posting something motivational, inspirational and engaging.

Linda was born into a Catholic family of seven children, six girls and one boy, of which she is the second child. Talk about a child who cares a lot about her family, then you are talking about Linda. Except for the elder sister who is married and living in the USA, Linda had acquired cars for all the members of the family including the youngest brother.

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When certain Pastor Chris accused Linda of threatening to blackmail him if he did not part with some cash to her, I immediately knew that was the handiwork of Fraudsters hiding under fake Facebook accounts they created in the name of Linda. The last time Linda made post on Facebook was in May 2012 if I’m not wrong.

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