7 Most Popular Radio Stations In Nigeria

7 Most Popular Radio Stations In Nigerian

Nigeria radio stations has been one the major ways in which many Nigerian voices are being heard and responded to, so i can say that it plays a large role in the growth and development of the country. Today we will bring to you the 7 most popular radio stations in Nigeria.

Lists of the  most popular radio stations in Nigeria

  • The Voice Nigeria
  • Yemi FM
  • Brila FM
  • Cool FM
  • Max FM
  • Beat FM
  • Soundcity FM

7 Most Popular Radio Stations In Nigerian

The Voice Nigeria

“Reflecting Nigerian and African perspective in our broadcast, winning and sustaining the attention, respect and goodwill of listeners worldwide particularly Nigerians and Africans in the Diaspora and making Nigeria’s voice to be heard more positively in the shaping of our world”

Anticipation mounts as The Voice Nigeria takes a whole new turn! With 40 talents now evicted, the final 8 stand strong as they vie for the title of the first ever winner on The Voice Nigeria! Only your votes will determine who wins. With a record deal and a brand new SUV worth 7 million, the contestants need your votes to stay fighting!

The blind Audition: the blind audition is the first stage of the voice of Nigeria. Here all performing artistes and the coaches will have to turn their back against the contestant, at this point the contestant will start singing for just 1 and 30 minds. Immediately the time elapse the coaches will ask the contestant to stop while they decides if they want him or her in their team.


Yemi Sonde is a popular and wave-making broadcaster whose dexterity in the act has made him stand out among his peers as a seasoned broadcaster. He is someone whom the audience love to listen to, on the radio. Over the years, he has carved a niche for himself as one of the most captivating and engaging presenters in town. He has travelled across the entire states in the South-West of Nigeria to do a series of presentations and this has made him very popular among the people of the region.

Brila FM

BRILA 88.9 FM: Brila FM is a sports radio station founded on October 1, 2002, by Larry Izamoje as Nigeria’s first and only sports radio station. Brila FM has four stations; in Lagos, Abuja, Onitsha, it operates on 88.9MHz, and in Port Harcourt, it operates on 101.1MHz. During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the station was appointed as one of the three lead broadcast partners by Optima Sports Management International.

Cool FM

Cool FM is a Lagos-based English speaking radio station with frequencies across 4 of the 6 Geo-Political zones in Nigeria. It operates Cool TV and online radio. The radio station is pop and rock for adult audience. In 2019, they hosted an interview with Cardi B which was considered a scoop.

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Apart from Sports, there is the Newspaper review segment on all the stations. This takes place in the morning belt, and the appealing way the presenters present it makes listeners stay tuned to it. On the newspaper review segment of Splash FM is Kola Ladoke and Titilayo. It’s called Tifuntedo. It’s 9 am to 10 am. On Fresh FM is Ajabale. That runs from 8.30 am to 10 am. Ajabale is presented by Abolade Salami and Bayo Faleke.

Max FM

Max FM is an English radio station that is based in Lagos State and broadcasts mainly in English. The station used to be known as Radio Continental and was established in 2005. Max FM is primarily focused on entertainment and information delivery to a youth audience. The National Broadcasting Commission has licensed Max FM. It also streams its radio station online.

Max FM is owned by the popular TVC Communications, which has been operating in the Nigeria media space since February 2013. You are guaranteed premium sound quality as the station entertains its listeners with the latest hit music while delivering news, entertainment, celebrity gists, traffic reports, and weather updates. Max FM has a sister station in Abuja, founded in September 2018

Beat FM

Beat FM is on Nigerian radio station known for good music, quality talk shows and targeted media sensation around their show hosts. The radio station first aired in 2009 and became popular with efforts from big names in the radio industry. Beat FM went on to become the first radio station to get a Twitter verification in Africa. The radio station is best known for popular shows like The Morning Rush, Sports Extra, The Midday Show, The Drivetime Show and The Night Show.. Popular presenters on the show are Bukola Sawyerr Izeogu, Crowd Kontrolla, Dami Elebe, and Toolz.

Soundcity FM

Soundcity Radio Network is a Nigerian FM radio and nationwide digital radio station that follows a Top 40 music format and is owned by Alphavision Multimedia, a subsidiary of the Consolidated Media Associates (CMA), Nigeria’s media powerhouse.

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The radio station has its headquarters in Lagos and is the most popular music radio station in the city. The station broadcasts nationally to a youth audience in Lagos, Abuja. Uyo, Enugu and Kaduna using the payoff line Powered by Music. Soundcity Radio Network music quota leans more to Nigerian music with over 70% of the music played by local artistes and 30% split between other African and Foreign music.

Soundcity Radio Network is a digital radio station owned by Alphavision Multimedia, a Consolidated Media Associates’ subsidiary (CMA). Soundcity has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The radio station is particular about broadcasting to a youth audience. Soundcity had its first test transmission in the first quarter of 2016, but programming and presenters went on-air on July 18, 2016

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