Top 20 Best Private Universities In Abuja Without Jamb

Embarking on a journey towards higher education is a significant step, and for those seeking alternatives to the traditional JAMB exam in Nigeria, private universities in Abuja present a compelling option. In this guide, we’ll explore several accredited institutions that provide diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs, offering students a pathway to academic excellence.

Bingham University: Pioneering Excellence since 2005

Founded in 2005 and located in Karu, Abuja, Bingham University stands out as a beacon of quality education. Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), the institution offers a diverse range of programs, providing an alternative route to higher education.

Baze University: Nurturing Minds Since 2011

Established in 2011, Baze University in Abuja is committed to providing quality education. Accredited by the NUC, the university offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across different fields, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Veritas University: Cultivating Academic Excellence since 2007

Dedicated to academic excellence, Veritas University in Abuja, established in 2007, provides a conducive environment for learning and growth. Accredited by the NUC, the institution offers a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Nigerian Turkish Nile University: Bridging Accessibility since 2015

Committed to accessible education, Nigerian Turkish Nile University, established in 2015, is accredited by the NUC. The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs, creating opportunities for students to thrive in their academic pursuits.

Pan-Atlantic University: Innovating Education in Abuja

While based in Lagos, Pan-Atlantic University has a campus in Abuja, offering a diverse range of programs. Accredited by the NUC, the university is a testament to academic excellence and innovation.

American University of Nigeria: Quality Education in Yola and Abuja

With a campus in Abuja, the American University of Nigeria in Yola is dedicated to providing quality education. Accredited by the NUC, the university offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Radiant University: A New Frontier in Education (Established in 2019)

Established in 2019 in Karshi, Abuja, Radiant University has gained accreditation from the NUC. Despite its youth, the university offers diverse programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Westminster University in Abuja: Committed to Excellence since 2015

Founded in 2015, Westminster University in Abuja is accredited by the NUC, providing a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a conducive learning environment.

ELICET University: Fostering Quality Education since 2017

Established in 2017 in Gwagwalada, Abuja, ELICET University is accredited by the NUC and offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, dedicated to providing quality education.

The Next 10 Private Universities in Abuja Without JAMB:

  • Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti
  • Bowen University, Iwo
  • Caleb University, Imota
  • Chrisland University, Abeokuta
  • Covenant University, Ota
  • Eternal University, Abuja
  • Kwararafa University, Malete
  • Lead City University, Ibadan
  • Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja
  • Topmost University, Ilara-Mokin

Other Private Universities in Abuja Without JAMB:

  • Augustine University, Uturu
  • Hallmark University, Ijebu-Itele
  • Lead City University, Ibadan
  • Madonna University, Okija
  • Mountain Top University, Ogun State
  • Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu
  • Regent University, Lagos
  • Spiritan University, Nneochi
  • St. Augustine’s University, Otta
  • Tansian University, Umunya
  • University of Ilorin, Ilorin

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private University in Abuja Without JAMB:

  1. Reputation of the University: Conduct thorough research to ensure the chosen university has a positive reputation for academic excellence.
  2. Quality of Education: Seek out institutions that prioritize high-quality education and have a track record of producing successful graduates.
  3. Cost of Tuition: Consider the financial aspect, including tuition fees and other expenses, to make an informed decision based on your budget and financial capacity.


These private universities in Abuja offer an alternative pathway to higher education, liberating students from the constraints of the JAMB exam. With a commitment to academic excellence, diverse program offerings, and accreditation from the NUC, these institutions provide an enriching educational experience. When choosing a university, it’s crucial to consider factors such as reputation, quality of education, and cost, ensuring that the chosen institution aligns with your academic and financial goals.

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