School Of Nursing Iyienu, Anambra (Anglican), School Fees And Courses Offered

Are you a science enthusiast with a passion for making a difference in healthcare? If so, the School of Nursing Iyienu, Anambra (Anglican), might be the ideal place for you to kickstart your nursing career. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exceptional learning experience, admission requirements, costs, and programs offered by this reputable institution.

Unlocking Your Potential: School of Nursing Iyienu, Anambra

At the School of Nursing Iyienu, your journey to becoming a skilled and compassionate nurse begins with a commitment to excellence. The dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art simulation lab facilities ensure you receive top-notch education, preparing you to excel in your nursing practice.

Admission Requirements: Your Gateway to Success

To gain admission to the School of Nursing Iyienu, Anambra, aspiring students must meet specific criteria:

  1. Be a science student graduating from high school or SSS3.
  2. Possess a minimum of five (5) O’level credits in WAEC/GCE, NECO, and NABTEB, with subjects including English language, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics.
  3. Provide a printed test paper in color, featuring white and black text, and a passport photo in color.

Investing in Your Future: School Fees and Costs

While the prospect of tuition and fees may seem daunting, the investment in your education at the School of Nursing Iyienu is well worth it. The school fees for fresh students are approximately ₦95,000 per session, covering tuition, examinations, and library fees. Additionally, an acceptance fee of ₦10,000 is required upon admission.

Mandatory additional fees include:

  • Practical fees: ₦5,000 per session, covering materials for practical demonstrations.
  • School uniform: Around ₦15,000, including dresses, shirts, and identification.
  • Textbooks: Approximately ₦30,000 per session, with a provided list of required textbooks.

In total, students can anticipate paying between ₦160,000 to ₦200,000 per academic session, inclusive of all mandatory fees and additional costs. The school also offers scholarships and financial assistance based on merit and need, providing opportunities for support. For detailed information on available programs, reach out to the school directly.

Nurturing Careers: Nursing Courses and Programs

The School of Nursing Iyienu offers a range of nursing courses and programs, with the flagship being the Basic General Nursing program. This three-year program, leading to a Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Certificate, encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, including subjects such as anatomy, physiology, medical-surgical nursing, and community health nursing.

In addition to the primary program, the school provides refresher courses for nurses seeking to renew their skills, along with short courses in life support, research methodology, and nursing education for continuous professional development.


the School of Nursing Iyienu, Anambra (Anglican), offers aspiring nurses a gateway to affordable, quality education. By enrolling in one of their programs, you’ll not only gain practical experience but also learn from experienced lecturers, setting the stage for professional development and career growth.

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