Grimard College Of Midwifery, Anyigba Kogi State, School Fees And Courses Offered

In 1996, Grimard College of Midwifery was established in Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria, with a mission to address the critical shortage of skilled midwives in the region. Since its inception, the institution has been dedicated to providing high-quality midwifery education and training, fostering an environment where aspiring midwives can flourish. This blog post explores the admission requirements, fees, and the range of midwifery programs offered by Grimard College, highlighting its commitment to producing competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Admission Requirements:

Prospective students seeking admission to Grimard College of Midwifery must meet specific criteria, including:

  1. A minimum of 5 credits in English Language, Mathematics, Biology/Health Science, and two other relevant subjects in WASSCE/NECO.
  2. Applicants with awaiting results can apply, but admission will be provisional until results are submitted.
  3. Age requirement of 17 years and above.
  4. Good physical and mental health.
  5. Individuals of good character and integrity.

School Fees:

The tuition fee for fresh students at Grimard College is approximately N150,000 per session, excluding accommodation and additional charges. The institution follows a two-installment payment plan and offers flexible payment options for students facing financial difficulties. Moreover, scholarships and bursaries are available for outstanding students, further emphasizing the college’s commitment to accessibility.

Programs Offered:

Grimard College of Midwifery provides a comprehensive range of midwifery study programs, catering to different levels of education:

  1. Certificate in Midwifery (3 years): Equips students with basic midwifery knowledge and skills.
  2. Diploma in Midwifery (4 years): Intensive training for graduates to work as professional midwives.
  3. Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (5 years): Advanced program preparing students for leadership roles in midwifery.
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery (1-2 years): Specialization for registered midwives in areas like neonatal or community health midwifery.

Additional Fees:

To facilitate a comprehensive learning experience, students may incur additional fees for items such as school uniform, textbooks, accommodation (optional), and an acceptance fee.


Grimard College of Midwifery stands as a beacon of excellence in midwifery education, striving to meet the healthcare needs of Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole. With a focus on affordability, the institution not only equips its graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills but also ensures that financial constraints do not hinder the pursuit of a noble career in midwifery.

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