Netizens Tackle Pastor That Charges Members $1499 To Teach Them How To Pray

An American Pastor has been called out online for charging her members $1499 (N1m) to teach them how to pray.

The Pastor, Dr. Juanita Bynum, revealed that the package included a four-week 7-session, an in-person 2-hour intensive, a prayer shawl, and sacred anointing oil, to mention but a few.

Sharing the flier on her Facebook page she wrote, “The Prayer Institute: a four-week, seven-session, in-person, 2-hour intensive. Register Now! Atlanta, Georgia is the location. Seating is Limited! “


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The post shared by the Pastor garnered tons of reactions from Facebook users, with many questioning the need to pay to learn how to pray.

Taking to the comments, a Facebook user Amarie Aiken wrote,

“I don’t give af what’s included (which doesn’t specify) you have LOST your mind!!! y’all wild don’t nobody have money to just toss because of some prayer, and why pay that much to learn how to pray you better talk to the old folks around you they can show you for FREE!”

@Tiffany Canty wrote,

“Ikyl. For $1499 must be leaving with a VIP ticket into Heaven and the keys to my mansion and my driveway better be paved in gold like the streets.”

@Talisha Davis wrote,

“Christ did it ALL for free, including giving up His life. That was His assignment. All who have a problem with this, should also have a problem with our preachers receiving honorariums, love offerings, or any monetary gain from sharing the Gospel or it’s principles. Yet we give money for Christian books, conferences, classes, etc… but isn’t the Gospel free? Can’t we read and interpret on our own…at home… for free?”,

Netizens Tackle Pastor That Charges Members $1499 To Teach Them How To Pray

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