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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of fashion, there are individuals who not only stand out but also leave an indelible mark on the industry. Iva Ristic, a South African fashion model and social media influencer, is one such personality, captivating hearts with her impeccable style and unique approach to beauty.

Iva’s Early Life & Education

Born on June 19, 1989, in South Africa, Iva Ristic emerged from her early years with a passion for creativity and an innate sense of style. Raised with strong values, she began experimenting with different fashion trends, laying the foundation for what would become a remarkable career in the world of modeling.

While details about her parents, siblings, and educational background remain private, Iva’s journey into the fashion realm reflects her commitment to pursuing her dreams.

Iva’s Personal Life

At 34, Iva Ristic is not just a powerhouse in the fashion world; she’s also a happily married woman. In December 2022, she tied the knot with Elton Jantjies, a prominent South African rugby player. Elton has publicly praised his wife’s incredible personality and her adept handling of family matters. Despite their demanding schedules, the couple prioritizes quality time with their three beautiful children.

Iva’s Career

Iva’s foray into the fashion industry was marked by a natural grace that quickly caught the attention of major brands and designers. Her modeling career skyrocketed as she embraced unique styles and brought life to every outfit she adorned. Simultaneously, she seamlessly transitioned into the realm of social media, becoming a prominent influencer on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Iva’s Net Worth

The fruits of Iva Ristic’s labor are evident in her estimated net worth of around $2 million. This figure reflects her significant success in both modeling and social media, underlining her status as a true influencer in the fashion landscape.

Iva’s Social Media

Iva’s digital footprint extends across social media platforms, where she continues to inspire and connect with her massive following. You can find her on Instagram (@ivarisstic) and Facebook (@IvyGirl89), where she shares not only her stunning fashion moments but also glimpses into her personal and family life.


1. What is Iva Ristic’s age?

Iva Ristic was born on June 19, 1989, making her 34 years old as of now.

2. Is Iva Ristic married?

Yes, Iva Ristic is happily married to Elton Jantjies, a renowned South African rugby player. They tied the knot in December 2022.

3. How many children does Iva Ristic have?

Iva and Elton Jantjies have three beautiful children.

4. What is Iva Ristic’s net worth?

Iva Ristic’s estimated net worth is around $2 million, reflecting her success in the fashion industry and as a social media influencer.

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