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Future, the celebrated rapper, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 20, 1983. He grew up under the care of his single mother, Stephanie Jester, alongside his brother Rocko, who is also a rapper, and his sister Tia Wilburn-Anderson. Future attended Columbia High School in Decatur, where he likely developed his musical talents.

Future’s Career

Future has made significant contributions to the trap music scene with his distinct style, characterized by mumble-styled vocals and auto-tuned melodies. His debut album, “Pluto” (2012), and its successor, “Honest” (2014), were met with critical acclaim and commercial success, featuring hit singles like “Turn On the Lights” and “Honest.” Future’s fusion of trap, R&B, and melodic styles has cemented his position as a leading figure in hip-hop.

Awards & Nominations

Future has received recognition for his work, including American Music Awards and BET Awards, highlighting his impact on the rap and hip-hop genre.

Future’s Personal Life

Future, aged 40, is a father to eight children from various relationships. He has been engaged to singer Ciara and has had high-profile relationships with other celebrities. Future’s personal life often garners media attention due to his public relationships.

Future’s Children

Future’s children, including Jakobi, Londyn, Prince, Future Zahir, Hendrix, Reign, Paris, and Kash, have occasionally appeared in the media spotlight, each with their own unique stories.


Future’s discography boasts several successful albums, including “DS2” (2015), “Evol” (2016), and “High Off Life” (2020), among others. He has collaborated with various artists, contributing to his widespread influence in the music industry.

Future’s Net Worth

Future’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, attributed to his music sales, concert tours, and endorsements.


  • Q: How many children does Future have? A: Future has eight children from different relationships.
  • Q: What are some of Future’s notable albums? A: Some of Future’s notable albums include “Pluto,” “DS2,” and “High Off Life.”
  • Q: What is Future’s net worth? A: Future’s net worth is approximately $50 million.

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