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Chris Flintoff remains a figure shrouded in mystery despite being the brother of the famous former international cricketer and TV presenter Freddie Flintoff. Unlike his brother, Chris leads a reserved life away from the public eye, yet shares the same passion for cricket and their beloved Manchester City Football Club. Let’s delve into what little we know about this enigmatic personality.

Chris Flintoff’s  Early Life & Education:

Born in 1973 in Preston, United Kingdom, Chris grew up alongside his younger brother Freddie. They shared a love for cricket and spent their formative years playing together. Chris attended Ribbleton Hall High School, where he excelled academically and showcased his cricketing talent. However, unlike Freddie, Chris did not pursue a professional cricket career.

Chris Flintoff’s  Personal Life:

Chris Flintoff keeps his personal life closely guarded, leaving much to speculation. Details about his marital status, children, or hobbies remain undisclosed. Occasionally, he accompanies his brother Freddie to public events, such as the premiere of the documentary “The Ashes: The Greatest Series” in 2005, and supports him in his various endeavors, including his stint on Top Gear and his boxing match in 2012.

Chris Flintoff’s  Career:

The specifics of Chris Flintoff’s career remain a mystery. He has not revealed his occupation or any notable achievements. It is possible that he opted for a more low-key profession or retired early. There have been glimpses of him coaching young players at a cricket academy in 2010, suggesting a potential involvement in the sport.

Chris Flintoff’s  Net Worth:

Chris Flintoff’s net worth is estimated to be around $400k, though he may have also benefited from his brother Freddie’s fortune, which is estimated to be much higher. Despite the lack of information about his career, Chris’s financial standing indicates a comfortable lifestyle.


  1. Who is Chris Flintoff? Chris Flintoff is the older brother of former international cricketer and television presenter Freddie Flintoff. He lives a private life and has not disclosed much about himself.
  2. What is Chris Flintoff’s profession? Chris Flintoff has not revealed his profession, keeping his career largely unknown to the public.
  3. Is Chris Flintoff involved in cricket like his brother? While Chris did not pursue a professional cricket career like his brother Freddie, there have been sightings of him coaching young players at a cricket academy in the past.
  4. What is Chris Flintoff’s net worth? Chris Flintoff’s net worth is estimated to be around $400k, though he may have additional wealth through his brother Freddie’s success

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