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In the vibrant world of music, there are artists who break barriers and redefine genres. One such luminary is Caroline Cecil, known by her stage name, Whipped Cream. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, this Canadian DJ and producer have carved a unique niche with her distinctive blend of hip-hop and trap music, captivating audiences globally.

Whipped Cream Early Life & Education:

Born on December 25, 1994, in Toronto, Caroline Cecil spent her formative years in Nanaimo, a suburb of Vancouver Island, Canada. Surprisingly, her journey to the DJ booth started on the ice, where she showcased a passion for figure skating from a young age. Her dedication led her to dream of joining the Canadian Olympic team. However, fate took a turn at 18 when a severe ankle injury shattered her Olympic aspirations. Undeterred, Caroline transitioned from ice skates to the beats that would define her future.

Caroline pursued her education at Woodlands Secondary School in Nanaimo, showcasing not only her artistic talents but also her commitment to academic excellence.

Whipped Cream  Career Beginnings:

In 2012, Whipped Cream’s odyssey in music began after attending the Sasquatch! Music Festival, where a performance by Active Child ignited her creative spark. Armed with inspiration, she delved into music production using tools like Ableton Live and a Traktor controller. Two years of experimentation led to the release of her first single under the moniker Whipped Cream in 2014.

Breakthrough Moments:

2015 marked a turning point as Whipped Cream released her first EP, “Law of Attraction,” through Unspeakable Records. The EP not only gained attention but also earned her a spot at the prestigious Shambhala Music Festival in British Columbia. Collaborations with established artists and releases on platforms like Skrillex’s Nest HQ further propelled her into the spotlight.

The Rise Continues:

The subsequent years saw Whipped Cream’s star continue to ascend. Collaborating with Hekler on the EP “Mirrors” showcased her versatility as a producer. Performing at renowned festivals like Life in Color and Hardfest solidified her reputation as an electrifying live performer. In September 2017, she dropped her solo EP, “Persistence,” featuring the hit single “Ignorant,” amassing over 7 million streams on Spotify.

Major Label Debut:

In 2019, Whipped Cream signed with Atlantic imprint Big Beat Records, releasing the single “Told Ya” featuring Lil Xan. Her music found a place in films, with “So Thick” featured on the “Birds of Prey” soundtrack in 2020. The pinnacle of her career came with the release of her debut major label EP, “Who Is Whipped Cream?” in August 2020, showcasing her diverse range as a producer.

Whipped Cream Net Worth:

Whipped Cream’s success is reflected in her estimated net worth of around $3 million. Her journey through major festivals and chart-topping tracks has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Whipped Cream  Social Media Presence:

Connect with Whipped Cream on Instagram (@whippedcream) and Twitter (@whippedcream) to stay tuned to her musical adventures.


Caroline Cecil’s evolution from a figure skater to an influential DJ and producer exemplifies resilience and creativity. Whipped Cream’s journey is not just a story of beats but a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s true passion. As her music continues to reverberate worldwide, the world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the musical odyssey of Whipped Cream.


Q: What inspired Whipped Cream to pursue a career in music?

A: Whipped Cream’s musical journey began after attending the Sasquatch! Music Festival in 2012, where a performance by Active Child ignited her creative spark.

Q: Did Whipped Cream face any challenges in her career?

A: Yes, at the age of 18, her dreams of becoming a competitive figure skater were temporarily shattered when she suffered a severe ankle injury while practicing triple-toe loops.

Q: What is Whipped Cream’s net worth?

A: Whipped Cream’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, reflecting her success in the music industry and her performances at major festivals.

Q: Can I follow Whipped Cream on social media?

A: Yes, you can connect with Whipped Cream on Instagram (@whippedcream) and Twitter (@whippedcream) to stay updated on her musical journey.

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