UNESCO Scholarships For Developing Countries 2023: How To Apply

Embarking on a journey of higher education can be a transformative experience, and UNESCO is paving the way for students from developing countries through a range of scholarships in 2023. These opportunities not only provide financial support but also contribute to workforce development, environmental engineering, and the advancement of women in science. In this blog post, we’ll explore some key UNESCO scholarships available in 2023 and offer tips to help aspiring scholars navigate the application process successfully.

UNESCO-UNEVOC Scholarships:

Tailored for students from developing countries, UNESCO-UNEVOC Scholarships aim to empower individuals with skills crucial to workforce development. These scholarships open doors for pursuing master’s degrees in vocational education and training, fostering positive change in home countries.

UNESCO-IHE Delft Scholarships:

Passionate about water and environmental engineering? UNESCO-IHE Delft Scholarships are designed for students from developing countries seeking to pursue master’s degrees in these critical fields. This opportunity is a gateway to addressing environmental challenges through education and innovation.

UNESCO-L’Oréal Fellowships for Women in Science:

Breaking barriers in the scientific realm, UNESCO-L’Oréal Fellowships are exclusively for women scientists from developing countries pursuing PhDs in science. Recognizing and supporting women’s contributions to scientific advancements, these fellowships aim to bridge gender gaps in the field.

UNESCO-UNAOC Scholarships:

In a world often marked by conflicts, UNESCO-UNAOC Scholarships serve as a beacon of hope. Available to students from developing countries, they facilitate master’s degrees in conflict resolution and peacebuilding, fostering a more harmonious global society.

UNESCO-UNITWIN Scholarships:

Offering a diverse array of opportunities, UNESCO-UNITWIN Scholarships are extended to students from developing countries. Covering master’s degrees in various fields at UNITWIN universities, these scholarships provide a broad spectrum of educational choices for aspiring scholars.

Tips for Applying:

  1. Start Early: Begin the application process early to gather documents, craft a compelling application, and ensure all requirements are met.
  2. Do Your Research: Understand the specific requirements and objectives of each scholarship to tailor your application effectively.
  3. Tailor Your Application: Customize your application to align with the unique criteria and expectations of your chosen scholarship.
  4. Get Help: Seek guidance from mentors, teachers, or college admissions consultants to refine your application based on their experience and insights.
  5. Be Persistent: If unsuccessful, use feedback received to improve your application for the next opportunity. Persistence is key in pursuing educational goals.


UNESCO scholarships in 2023 offer an incredible opportunity for students from developing countries to pursue higher education in various fields. By following these tips and submitting a well-crafted application, you can enhance your chances of not only securing financial support for your studies but also contributing significantly to the development of your home country. Education is a powerful tool for positive change, and these scholarships serve as a pathway to a brighter future for aspiring scholars worldwide.

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