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Tristan Jass, born on December 9, 1999, has become a household name, not just on the basketball court but also in the realm of social media. This 23-year-old American point guard has seamlessly blended his exceptional basketball skills with a thriving presence on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, captivating audiences worldwide. Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Tristan Jass, from his early life in Wisconsin to his rise as a renowned YouTuber and basketball sensation.

Tristan Early Life & Education:

Hailing from Wisconsin, Tristan Jass was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jass on December 9, 1999. Growing up with siblings Tyler and Brennan Jass, Tristan’s passion for basketball emerged early. After completing his education at Kenosha High School, he pursued a bachelor’s degree at Ottawa University. However, his commitment to YouTube led him to withdraw from college, paving the way for a unique career that fuses basketball and digital media.

Tristan Career On and Off the Court:

Tristan Jass’s prowess on the basketball court is matched only by his online charisma. Since February 2014, he has been an active content creator on YouTube, sharing basketball drills and jaw-dropping dunks. With a debut video on February 11 of that year, Tristan quickly garnered a massive following, currently boasting over 2 million subscribers.

In April 2015, he expanded his digital footprint to Instagram, strategically leveraging the platform to represent brands like Messenger and Sleeper App. Beyond the digital realm, Tristan ventured into fashion, launching his own clothing brand. From hoodies to socks, his store offers a diverse range of merchandise, appealing to his 4 million-plus YouTube followers.

Tristan Social Media Presence:

Tristan Jass’s social media influence extends across platforms. With Instagram (@tristanj22), Twitter (@TristanJass), and his eponymous YouTube channel, he maintains an engaged audience eager to witness his basketball exploits and off-court endeavors. His partner, Hannah Stone, herself a notable figure in high school basketball, accompanies him on this digital journey, showcasing their relationship through delightful snapshots.

Tristan Personal Life:

In the spotlight alongside Tristan is his partner, Hannah Stone, a rising star in her own right. Both active on various social media platforms, the couple shares their journey through captivating images and posts. Despite the limelight, their relationship continues to flourish positively, offering fans a glimpse into their off-screen chemistry.


Q: When did Tristan Jass start his YouTube career?

A: Tristan Jass began his YouTube journey in February 2014, sharing basketball drills and impressive dunks.

Q: What prompted Tristan to withdraw from college?

A: Tristan chose to withdraw from Ottawa University to pursue his career as a YouTuber and focus on his passion for basketball.

Q: How did Tristan Jass gain fame on social media?

A: Tristan’s fame skyrocketed after one of his incredible layups caught ESPN’s attention, leading to a viral video that solidified his image as both a phenomenal basketball player and online sensation.


Tristan Jass stands at the intersection of basketball excellence and digital prominence. From dazzling layups to YouTube stardom, his journey showcases the evolving landscape where sports and social media seamlessly intertwine. With a net worth of approximately $1.34 million, Tristan Jass is not just a basketball point guard; he’s a cultural phenomenon, inspiring aspiring athletes and content creators alike.

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