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Tracy Roode, formerly known as Tracy Brooks, stands as a celebrated figure in the world of professional wrestling. Her illustrious career, marked by contributions to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), has left an indelible mark on the industry. Let’s delve into the life and career of this Canadian wrestling icon.

Tracy Roode Early Life & Education

Tracy Roode, born on May 22, 1975, in Ontario, Canada, emerged from a close-knit family. Though she chooses to keep details about her siblings private, her upbringing was evidently grounded in strong family bonds. Tracy pursued her education at Mon Keang School, securing her high school diploma before venturing into higher education at the US State University. With unwavering determination, she earned her Bachelor’s degree, a testament to her dedication to both academics and her future career.

Tracy Roode Career Beginnings

Tracy’s journey into the world of professional wrestling began with a passion ignited at a young age. Expressing her desire to become a WWE superstar post-Miss June 2000 interview, she took the first step by training with Ron Hutchinson in 2000. This training laid the foundation for her debut in 2001, showcasing her talent in various independent promotions such as Border City Wrestling and Apocalypse Wrestling.

Even after retiring from the ring, Tracy Roode continued to contribute to the wrestling world, taking on roles as both a valet and a referee.

Tracy Roode Personal Life

Tracy Roode’s personal life intertwines with wrestling royalty, as she is the wife of renowned wrestler Bobby Roode. The couple recently tied the knot, and while Tracy keeps the details private, their family is no secret. Blessed with three sons – Bobby Roode III, Riley Roode, and Nicholas Roode – the Roode family remains a source of joy and support.

Despite the spotlight, Tracy maintains a dignified distance from controversies and keeps her personal preferences private. At 48 years old, she stands as a testament to grace and resilience in the often intense world of professional wrestling.

Tracy Roode Net Worth & Lifestyle

Tracy Roode, having enjoyed a successful career as both a wrestler and referee, now lives a lavish lifestyle with an estimated net worth of $3.4 million. Her journey, marked by hard work and dedication, is a testament to her enduring impact on the wrestling world.

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Q: When did Tracy Roode start her wrestling career?

A: Tracy Roode began her professional wrestling journey in 2001 after training with Ron Hutchinson.

Q: Is Tracy Roode still active in the wrestling industry?

A: While she has retired from in-ring competition, Tracy Roode remains connected to the wrestling world, serving as both a valet and a referee.

Q: Who is Tracy Roode married to?

A: Tracy Roode is married to the renowned wrestler Bobby Roode.

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