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The Gupta family, originally from India, rose to prominence in South Africa during the early 1990s. While building a vast business empire spanning mining, media, and technology, they became embroiled in numerous corruption scandals and controversies. This blog post provides a detailed look at their early life, career, personal life, controversies, and the aftermath.

The Gupta family’s Early Life and Education:

The six Gupta siblings grew up in Saharanpur, India, where their father ran a small spice and sweets shop. Ajay, Atul, and Rajesh pursued degrees in mechanical engineering, commerce, and computer science, respectively. Ambitious and entrepreneurial from a young age, they started businesses in India, including a shoe factory, dairy farm, and a software company.

The Gupta family’s Personal Life:

Married with children, the Gupta brothers and their families lived a lavish lifestyle in South Africa, owning properties, hosting extravagant parties, and engaging in philanthropy. Despite this, they faced criticism and hostility due to their alleged involvement in corruption scandals.

The Gupta family’s Career:

The Gupta brothers entered the South African business scene in 1993 with Sahara Computers, expanding into mining, media, and technology. Their success was intertwined with close ties to former President Jacob Zuma, securing lucrative state contracts and influencing government decisions. However, this led to significant scrutiny and opposition.

The Gupta family’s Awards:

Despite controversies, the Guptas and their companies received awards for business achievements and social contributions, including Best Company of the Year for Sahara Computers and Businessman of the Year for Rajesh Gupta.

The Gupta family’s Net Worth:

While their collective net worth is estimated at around $1 billion, the Guptas’ actual financial details remain undisclosed. Their wealth is derived from stakes in various companies, both in South Africa and internationally.


The Gupta family faced several corruption scandals, such as the state capture, Estina dairy farm, Waterkloof landing, #GuptaLeaks, and involvement in the Zondo Commission. Accusations ranged from misappropriating public funds to violating national security protocols.

The Gupta family’s Social Media:

Despite the controversies, the Gupta brothers and their families do not have official or verified social media accounts. However, various unofficial and parody accounts exist, providing a source of public interest and discussion.

Aftermath and Flight:

The Guptas fled South Africa for Dubai and other locations, evading criminal charges and sanctions. The Zondo Commission continues its inquiries, shedding light on the alleged state capture, corruption, and fraud involving the Gupta family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What is the Gupta family’s net worth?
    • The Gupta family’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 billion collectively, derived from their business empire.
  2. Why did the Gupta family leave South Africa?
    • The Guptas fled South Africa amid numerous corruption scandals and controversies, seeking refuge in Dubai and other locations.
  3. Have the Gupta brothers faced legal consequences?
    • The Gupta brothers are wanted by South African authorities for various criminal charges, but they have denied wrongdoing.
  4. What were the major controversies involving the Gupta family?
    • The Guptas were implicated in the state capture, Estina dairy farm scandal, Waterkloof landing, #GuptaLeaks, and the Zondo Commission, involving corruption, misappropriation of funds, and influence over government decisions.

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