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Teodoro Misael Llamanzares, widely known as Neil Llamanzares, is a Filipino-American businessman and former military personnel. Recognized as the husband of Senator Grace Poe, his journey from the United States Air Force to supporting his wife’s political endeavors has been both intriguing and controversial.

Teodoro Early Life and Education:

Born in the Philippines, Teodoro moved to the United States with his family at a young age. Acquiring American citizenship by birth, he attended San Beda College in Manila, earning a degree in commerce with a major in marketing management. At the age of 55, his background sets the stage for a life that later became entwined with Philippine politics.

Teodoro Personal Life:

Teodoro Misael Llamanzares and Grace Poe tied the knot on July 27, 1991, having met during their studies at San Beda College. The couple shares three children – Brian, Hanna, and Nika, with Brian and Hanna pursuing studies in the United States and Nika in the Philippines.

Teodoro Career:

Teodoro’s professional journey includes serving in the United States Air Force from 1988 to 1991. Post-military service, he worked as a network engineer for Science Applications International Corporation, contributing to projects like the Philippine National Police modernization program and Philippine Army communications upgrade. Later, he held a senior management role in information technology at San Miguel Corporation, resigning in 2013 to support his wife’s political aspirations.


Despite his commitment to the Philippines, Teodoro Misael Llamanzares faced controversies. Accusations of being a U.S. spy surfaced due to his military and defense contractor background, which he vehemently denied. Additionally, questions arose about his renunciation of American citizenship during Grace Poe’s 2016 presidential bid. He clarified that he followed proper procedures, surrendering his documents to the U.S. Embassy.

Controversies also included criticism for perceived lack of support during his wife’s 2016 presidential campaign. Teodoro emphasized his preference for a background role, managing family affairs while Grace pursued her political goals.

Teodoro Social Media and Net Worth:

Teodoro maintains a low online profile, with no known presence on Instagram or Twitter. Various sources estimate his net worth at $500k, reflecting his journey from military service to the corporate world and political involvement.


Q: Was Teodoro accused of being a U.S. spy? A: Yes, but he vehemently denied the allegations, clarifying his lack of access to classified information.

Q: What prompted Teodoro to renounce his American citizenship? A: He renounced his citizenship in 2016 to demonstrate loyalty to his wife and the Philippines during her presidential campaign.

Q: How did Teodoro respond to accusations of lack of support in 2016? A: He explained that he preferred a background role, focusing on family and business responsibilities.


Teodoro Misael Llamanzares’ life reflects a journey of service, both in the military and corporate world, intertwined with the complexities of Philippine politics. Despite controversies, his commitment to family and country remains at the forefront of his narrative.

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