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In the dazzling realm of social media, Talia Martinez Scott, widely known as Talia Scott, reigns supreme as an American influencer and TikTok sensation. With millions of followers across platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, Talia effortlessly captures the attention of a dedicated audience, offering an exclusive peek into her opulent lifestyle and sharing her skincare wisdom.

Talia Scott Early Life & Education:

Talia Scott, a proud resident of Las Vegas, was born on April 14, 1991, to her parents, known as Mr. and Mrs. Martinez. Growing up alongside siblings whose names remain a mystery, Talia pursued higher education at Haverford College, where she excelled in Political Science and earned the title of a Questbridge Scholar.

Talia Scott Career Beginnings:

Talia Scott embarked on her professional journey by showcasing her musical talents on YouTube. Joining forces with her now-husband, Roger Scott, the duo ventured into creating vlogs on their shared channel, achieving great success. This triumph propelled Talia into the influencer spotlight, expanding her presence on Instagram and Twitter, where she currently boasts a staggering 1.7 million followers.

Talia Scott Social Media Presence:

  • Instagram: @_taliascott
  • Twitter: @TaliaScott_
  • YouTube Channels: Talia Scott (vlogs) and Talia Scott Challenges
  • TikTok: @taliascott

Talia Scott Personal Life:

In 2019, Talia Scott found her marital bliss with Roger Scott, her beloved childhood sweetheart. Their serendipitous encounter in a local club led to a profound love, and today, they traverse life’s journey together, cherishing each other’s company. Although their union has yet to be graced with children, the couple passionately embraces the childless freedom that adorns their fulfilling lives.

Talia Scott Net Worth:

With a flourishing online presence, Talia Scott is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000. This valuation considers her YouTube channels and active engagement on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


Q: When did Talia Scott get married?

A: Talia Scott tied the knot with her childhood sweetheart, Roger Scott, in 2019.

Q: What is Talia Scott’s educational background?

A: Talia Scott graduated from Haverford College with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and is recognized as a Questbridge Scholar.

Q: How did Talia Scott start her career?

A: Talia Scott began her professional journey by showcasing her musical talents on YouTube, later creating vlogs with her husband, Roger Scott, on their shared channel.

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