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Talia Ng, a 22-year-old Canadian badminton sensation, is making waves both on and off the court. Ranked 233rd worldwide for women’s singles, her journey is intertwined with achievements, love, and a net worth of $16.6 million.

Talia Ng’s Early Beginnings and Education

Born on November 6, 2001, in Toronto, Canada, Talia discovered her passion for badminton at the age of nine, guided by her badminton enthusiast father. She honed her skills under Coach Efendi at the E Badminton Training Centre before moving to the Ontario Badminton Academy in 2017, seeking enhanced exposure to different play styles.

Talia’s commitment to improvement led her to Guangzhou, China, where she immersed herself in the rigorous and competitive world of Chinese badminton players during three consecutive summers. Adapting to the culture, she completed her high school education in Canada, keeping her plans for further studies under wraps.

Talia Ng’s Personal Life and Romance

Beyond the court, Talia found love in the badminton arena. Dating Ng Tze Yong, a Malaysian player ranked 82nd in men’s singles, their paths crossed at the 2019 Junior World Championships in Russia. The friendship blossomed into a relationship, and they announced their love on Instagram in July 2023, sharing sweet moments with the world.

Talia’s connection with Ng Tze Yong deepened during her two-week training at the Academy Badminton Malaysia (ABM) in February 2023. She praised the friendly atmosphere of the Malaysian badminton team and highlighted Ng Tze Yong’s caring and supportive nature, emphasizing their shared goals and dreams in badminton.

Talia Ng’s Career Highlights

Talia Ng’s badminton journey is marked by remarkable achievements:

  • Notable performances in international tournaments, including the BWF World Tour Finals and BWF Super 100 YONEX-SUNRISE Guwahati Masters.
  • Gold medals at the Junior Pan American Championships in 2017 and Brazil’s Junior Pan American Championships in 2018.
  • Victories in adult tournaments like the K&D Graphics International Challenge in 2018.
  • Impressive wins, including the Toronto Open in 2019 and the Uganda International in 2020.

Despite challenges, Talia remains focused on growth. In 2021, she participated in the BWF World Tour Finals, learning from the experience and appreciating the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

Talia Ng’s Net Worth and Endorsements

With a net worth of $16.6 million, Talia Ng’s earnings stem from her badminton career, along with lucrative endorsements. Yonex, a leading badminton equipment manufacturer, and Hershey’s, a renowned chocolate company, sponsor her.

Talia Ng’s Social Media Presence

Stay updated on Talia Ng’s journey by following her on Instagram (@talia.ngg) and Twitter (@taliang1106).


A Bright Future Beckons

Talia Ng’s story is one of dedication, love, and triumph. As she continues to shine on the badminton court, her journey with Ng Tze Yong adds a touch of romance to her inspiring narrative. Keep an eye on this rising star as she navigates the challenges and victories that lie ahead.

FAQ Section:

Q1: When did Talia Ng start playing badminton? A1: Talia Ng began playing badminton at the age of nine, inspired by her father’s passion for the sport.

Q2: How did Talia Ng and Ng Tze Yong meet? A2: Talia Ng and Ng Tze Yong met at the 2019 Junior World Championships in Russia, where they represented their respective countries.

Q3: What is Talia Ng’s net worth? A3: Talia Ng’s estimated net worth is $16.6 million, primarily earned through her badminton career and sponsorships from Yonex and Hershey’s.

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