Study MBBS in Canada : Top Universities, Entry Requirements & Cost of Studying

Are you an aspiring medical student seeking affordable options to study abroad? Canada emerges as an excellent choice, offering an internationally recognized MD degree rather than the traditional MBBS. In this guide, we’ll explore the distinctive features, benefits, requirements, and top medical universities in Canada for international students.

What Sets the MD Degree in Canada Apart?

Unlike other countries, Canadian medical universities don’t offer direct MBBS courses. Instead, students graduate with an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree, a globally accepted qualification.

Duration of MD Programs

MD programs in Canada typically span 3 to 4 years. However, applicants without a background in science may need 5 years to complete the course. A prerequisite for enrolling in a 4-year medical degree is a bachelor’s degree in biology or related subjects.

Why Choose Canada for Medical Studies?

Studying medicine in Canada offers several advantages:

  • Access to some of the world’s finest universities with a global reputation.
  • High research output from Canadian medical universities.
  • Experience educational diversity in a country witnessing a surge in educational immigration.
  • Lucrative post-study opportunities and a range of study abroad scholarships.

Requirements for Studying Medicine in Canada

Aspiring medical students must meet specific criteria:

  1. Undergraduate Degree: A bachelor’s degree in Biology or Science is required for most medical institutions in Canada.
  2. English Language Proficiency Tests: Proficiency in English is mandatory, with higher language requirements than the SDS Visa requirement. IELTS scores of 6.5 overall and 6 in each module are common.
  3. MCAT (Medical College Admission Test): Many universities require a competitive score in the MCAT, though some, like the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and McGill’s Faculty of Medicine, may not.
  4. NEET Exam: Indian students must clear the NEET exam to pursue medical studies in Canada.

Documents Required for MD Programs

Applicants need to submit various documents, including:

  • Mark sheets and passing certificates from previous academic levels.
  • English language proficiency test scorecard (IELTS or TOEFL).
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Resume.
  • Extracurricular activity certificates and achievements.

Top Medical Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada boasts top-notch medical colleges with global recognition:

  1. Dalhousie University
  2. McGill University
  3. McMaster University
  4. Memorial University
  5. Queen’s University at Kingston
  6. Laval University
  7. University of Montreal
  8. University of Sherbrooke
  9. University of Toronto
  10. University of Ottawa

Studying Medicine in Canada for Indian Students

For Indian students, pursuing an MD in Canada offers unique advantages:

  • International recognition of the degree.
  • High-quality education, excellent teaching, and top-notch infrastructure.
  • Pioneer in medical research.
  • Multicultural experience with students from around the world.
  • Abundance of scholarships and financial support.
  • Excellent job opportunities and the option to pursue postgraduate studies in Canada.

MBBS Fees in Canada for International Students

Canada stands out as one of the most affordable destinations for high-quality medical education. The average annual tuition and living expenses range from CA$30,000 to CA$125,000, depending on the university.

Here’s a breakdown of the MBBS fees for some top universities:

  • University of Toronto: $91,760 per year
  • Dalhousie University: $36,413 per year
  • Trinity Medical College: $41,400 per year

MBBS in Canada for Indian Students – Fees in Indian Rupees

For Indian students, the cost of studying MBBS in Canada is reasonable. Here are the fees for some universities in Indian rupees:

  • University of Toronto: ₹51,35,655 per year
  • Dalhousie University: ₹20,37,975 per year
  • Trinity Medical College: ₹23,17,089 per year

Scholarships for MBBS in Canada

Generous scholarships are available for international students, including government and non-government options:

Government Scholarships:

  • Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship

Non-Government Scholarships:

  • Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation Scholarship
  • Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

MBBS in Canada After 12th Grade

Canadian universities don’t offer undergraduate MBBS programs for international students straight out of 12th grade. However, students can pursue other medical-related courses like dental courses or microbiology.

Short Medical Courses in Canada

While a full MD takes around four years, students can pursue short medical courses in Canada, such as:

  • Diploma of Medicine in Dental
  • Diploma of Medicine in Nursing & Paramedical
  • Diploma of Medicine in Kinesiology
  • Diploma of Medicine in Health
  • Diploma of Medicine in Pharmacy

To practice medicine in Canada after completing the MD, a screening test is required. Each country has its eligibility and screening tests for practicing medicine post-MD.


studying medicine in Canada opens doors to a globally recognized MD degree, offering a unique blend of quality education, diverse experiences, and abundant opportunities for international students.

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