Student Visa Applications for Canada rejected around 36% This Year

Studying abroad, particularly in countries like Canada, has become a coveted dream for many seeking a high-quality education and promising career prospects. However, recent trends indicate a significant rise in the rejection rates of Canadian student visa applications, posing challenges for aspirants, particularly from countries like India and Africa.

Understanding the Shift:

This year has witnessed a notable surge in Canadian student visa rejections, with a staggering 36% of applications facing denial. The primary reason cited by Canadian officials is the overwhelming influx of international students, prompting stricter scrutiny to ensure that visas are granted to deserving candidates.

Impact on Indian Applicants:

India, known for its growing number of students aspiring to study in Canada, is witnessing a notable impact due to the increased rejection rates. Previously popular as a preferred destination for education, the process of securing a Canadian visa is becoming more challenging for Indian applicants.

Reasons for Visa Rejections:

While the standard protocols and criteria for visa applications remain, recent policy changes have made the process more stringent. Some noteworthy reasons for rejection include applicants in their 30s applying for diploma courses, individuals in their 20s applying for undergraduate programs, changing fields during admission, inability to demonstrate sufficient financial support, medical unfitness, submission of fraudulent documents, and expressing a desire to work rather than study.

Online Visa Application Process:

Despite the evolving challenges, the Canadian visa application process remains accessible online. The online platform offers benefits such as preventing the submission of incomplete applications and faster processing times compared to traditional mail services. Aspirants can follow a straightforward procedure:

  1. Register on the official website and proceed to the Canada Visa Login.
  2. Download the Canada visa application form from the official website.
  3. Scan and include all required biometrics in the application.
  4. Prepare the visa fees (approximately $100 Canadian) and make the payment.
  5. Receive daily updates and notifications post-submission and track the application through VFS Global.

Tracking Your Visa Application:

For those eager to monitor the status of their Canadian visa application, the VFS Global platform provides an efficient tracking system. By visiting their official website and entering the Tracking ID along with the Date of Birth and security captcha, applicants can easily access real-time updates on their visa status.

Canada Visa Processing Time:

The processing time for various types of Canadian visas varies. Generally, it takes a maximum of 15 days to process a visa application, with student visas requiring approximately three working days and worker visas four working days.


While the allure of studying in Canada persists, potential applicants must be aware of the evolving landscape and the increased scrutiny in the visa application process. By adhering to the outlined procedures and understanding the reasons behind rejections, aspiring students can navigate these challenges more effectively and enhance their chances of securing a Canadian student visa.

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