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Meet Mae Webb, the charming 10-year-old daughter of former actress Kate Ritchie and retired rugby league player Stuart Webb. In this blog post, we delve into Mae’s early life, her parents’ celebrity status, and her current lifestyle.

Mae Webb’s Early Life & Education:

Born on August 17, 2014, in Sydney, Australia, Mae is the only child of Kate Ritchie and Stuart Webb. Her mother, known for playing Sally Fletcher in Home and Away, and her father, a former NRL player, provided Mae with a privileged upbringing. Despite her young age, Mae has been exposed to media attention, often photographed at notable events like the Logie Awards and the Melbourne Cup.

Mae attended a private school in Sydney, where she received a quality education and built friendships with her peers. Her early years were marked by the glamour of her parents’ celebrity status, with appearances on magazine covers alongside her mother.

Mae Webb’s Personal Life:

As of 2024, Mae is single and lives with her mother, Kate Ritchie, who has custody after her parents’ separation in 2019. Despite facing challenges in their marriage, Mae’s parents, Kate and Stuart, have moved on with their lives, dating new partners. Mae maintains a connection with her father, who visits regularly.

Mae Webb’s Career:

At just 10 years old, Mae is focused on her education and hobbies, showing no inclination toward a specific career path. While she inherited her parents’ charisma and good looks, she enjoys reading, dancing, playing with her dog, and actively participating in school activities.

Mae Webb’s Net Worth:

Mae Webb’s net worth is estimated at $500, although she has no income or assets of her own. Her comfortable lifestyle is a result of being the daughter of wealthy celebrities, Kate Ritchie and Stuart Webb.

FAQs about Mae Webb:

  1. What is Mae Webb’s date of birth?
    • Mae Webb was born on August 17, 2014.
  2. Who are Mae Webb’s parents?
    • Her parents are Kate Ritchie, a former actress, and Stuart Webb, a retired rugby league player.
  3. What school does Mae Webb attend?
    • Mae Webb attends a private school in Sydney, where she receives a quality education.
  4. What is Mae Webb’s net worth?
    • Mae Webb’s net worth is approximately $500.

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