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Meet Sol Phenduka, a versatile South African media personality celebrated for his roles as a radio host, DJ, music producer, reality TV star, composer, and songwriter. Born on February 18, 1987, in Vosloorus, Gauteng, Sol has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

Sol Phenduka’s Early Life & Education:

Growing up in Vosloorus, Sol was raised by a single mother working as a nurse. His passion for music blossomed early, leading him to rap as a hobby. After attending St Francis College in Benoni, he pursued higher education at the University of Johannesburg, earning a Bachelor’s degree in 2011.

Sol Phenduka’s Personal Life:

Sol Phenduka keeps his personal life private, with little disclosed about his romantic relationships or family. The 37-year-old, reportedly single, focuses on his career, enjoying hobbies like traveling, reading, and supporting the Kaizer Chiefs in soccer.

Sol Phenduka’s Career:

Sol’s career kicked off as an intern at YFM, where he later co-hosted Mo Flava’s breakfast show. His rise continued at 5FM, joining DJ Fresh for Fresh at 5. Sol’s popularity led to his own show, SOS. In 2014, he entered the Big Brother Mzansi house and, in 2020, co-hosted the influential Podcast and Chill with Mac G on YouTube.

Sol Phenduka’s Music Career:

Beyond radio and TV, Sol is a DJ, music producer, composer, and songwriter. Notable releases include singles “Uhuru” and “Isimo” (2010-2011) and the album “Sol Phenduka” (2012). Collaborations with industry giants like DJ Fresh and Black Coffee showcase his musical prowess.

Sol Phenduka’s Social Media:

Stay connected with Sol Phenduka on Instagram (@solphenduka) and Twitter (@SolPhenduka) to catch glimpses of his life and career.

Sol Phenduka’s Net Worth:

Sol Phenduka’s estimated net worth stands at $200,000, earned through his diverse roles in media and music. His popular podcast adds to his income through advertisements and sponsorships.


Sol Phenduka’s journey from a YFM intern to a celebrated media personality showcases his talent and dedication. His impact in South Africa’s entertainment scene continues to grow, making him a noteworthy figure in the industry.

FAQ Section:

  1. How did Sol Phenduka start his career? Sol began as an intern at YFM, later co-hosting Mo Flava’s breakfast show and eventually joining 5FM with DJ Fresh.
  2. What is Sol Phenduka’s net worth? Sol Phenduka’s estimated net worth is $200,000, earned through his contributions to the media and music industry.
  3. Is Sol Phenduka married? Sol Phenduka’s relationship status is not publicly disclosed, keeping his personal life private.
  4. What are Sol Phenduka’s notable music releases? Sol Phenduka has released singles like “Uhuru” and “Isimo,” along with the album “Sol Phenduka” in 2012.
  5. How can I connect with Sol Phenduka on social media? You can follow Sol Phenduka on Instagram (@solphenduka) and Twitter (@SolPhenduka) for updates on his life and career.

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