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Simi Haze, the dynamic duo comprising Simi Abu Khadra and Haze Abu Khadra, are not your average celebrities. Born on March 31, 1993, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, these identical twin sisters have made a name for themselves as celebrity DJs, fashion influencers, and savvy entrepreneurs. Known for their eclectic music style and avant-garde fashion sense, Simi Haze has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Simi Haze Early Life & Education:

Raised by art collectors and boutique owners Rula and Samaan Abu Khadra, Simi and Haze grew up in Riyadh, London, and California. They developed a strong connection to their Palestinian roots and embraced diverse cultures. Attending the American School of Dubai and the International School of London, the twins discovered their passion for art, music, and fashion. Their journey led them to the University of Southern California, where they graduated in 2016, majoring in film production and fine art.

Simi Haze Career Beginnings:

Simi Haze’s career took flight during their college days when they began DJing at house parties. Their unique music taste, spanning techno, hip hop, R&B, and more, gained them popularity. Adopting the stage name Simi Haze, they went on to perform at renowned events like Coachella, Art Basel, and Louis Vuitton. Collaborations with Travis Scott, Future, and Virgil Abloh solidified their presence in the music scene.

Fashion Influencers & Entrepreneurs:

Simi Haze’s edgy and experimental fashion sense has graced the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. They’ve modeled for top brands like Fendi, Balenciaga, and Alexander Wang. Beyond their DJing and fashion endeavors, the sisters launched SIMIHAZE BEAUTY, offering sunglasses, lipsticks, and eyeshadows. Their entrepreneurial spirit extends to their online store and website, featuring merchandise and curated events like SIMIHAZE TV.

Simi Haze Personal Life & Relationships:

Simi and Haze share a close bond as twin sisters and maintain strong ties with their parents, often visiting them in Riyadh. While active on social media with a massive fan following, the sisters keep their personal lives private. Rumors surfaced about Simi dating The Weeknd in 2022, but neither confirmed nor denied the speculation, leaving their relationship status unknown.


Simi Haze goes beyond entertainment, partnering with organizations like UNICEF, Girl Up, and The Trevor Project. They use their influence to raise awareness and funds for various social issues, showing a commitment to making a positive impact.

Simi Haze Net Worth:

Simi Haze has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million through their multifaceted careers as DJs, fashion influencers, and entrepreneurs. Collaborations, endorsements, and appearances have contributed to their financial success.

Simi Haze  Social Media Presence:

Follow Simi Haze on Instagram (@simihaze), Twitter (@simihaze), YouTube (SimiHaze), and TikTok (@simihaze) to stay updated on their music, fashion, and cultural endeavors.


Q: How did Simi Haze start their career? A: Simi Haze began their career as DJs in college, gaining popularity for their diverse music taste at house parties.

Q: What is Simi Haze’s fashion style? A: Simi Haze is known for their edgy, avant-garde, and experimental fashion sense, featured in top fashion magazines and brands.

Q: What philanthropic efforts are Simi Haze involved in? A: Simi Haze collaborates with organizations like UNICEF, Girl Up, and The Trevor Project, using their influence to raise awareness and funds for social issues.

Q: Are Simi Haze in a relationship? A: While Simi Haze keeps their personal lives private, rumors about Simi dating The Weeknd surfaced in 2022, with no official confirmation.

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