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Meet Sile Murphy, the talented Irish teacher, singer, and songwriter who prefers a quiet life away from the limelight. As the younger sister of renowned actor Cillian Murphy, Sile’s story unfolds with a blend of music, education, and family values.

Sile Murphy Early Life and Education:

Sile hails from Douglas, Cork, Ireland, born to Brendan Murphy and an unnamed French teacher. Growing up in a middle-class family with siblings Cillian, Orla, and Páidi, Sile attended Presentation Brothers College in Cork. Her passion for music led her to learn guitar and piano while also excelling in subjects like French and Irish. Sile graduated from University College Cork with an education degree and became a primary school teacher in Dublin.

Sile Murphy Personal Life:

Sile’s private life revolves around her marriage to John, whom she met through mutual friends. The couple resides in a modest Dublin home with their two children, Fionn and Iseult. Valuing privacy, Sile and John keep a low profile, seldom attending public events.

Sile Murphy Career:

Balancing her teaching career with music, Sile collaborates with brother Cillian on various projects, including albums like “The Coral Sea” (2005) and “The Clockwork Orange” (2011). Her solo albums, “Sile Murphy” (2014) and “The River” (2018), showcase her folk and indie style. Sile’s passion for education is evident in her teaching career, where she imparts knowledge, particularly in music and French, at a Dublin primary school.

Collaboration with Cillian:

Sile’s musical collaborations with Cillian extend beyond family bonds, with joint performances at renowned venues such as the Electric Picnic Festival and the Royal Albert Hall. They have also contributed to charity concerts for causes like War Child and the Simon Community.

Sile Murphy Media and Net Worth:

Maintaining a low-key online presence, Sile lacks active social media accounts. Her estimated net worth of $500k reflects a modest lifestyle, mirroring her preference for simplicity over extravagance.


In the world of Sile Murphy, the spotlight may not shine as bright, but her dedication to education, music, and family values makes her a noteworthy figure. As she continues to teach, sing, and inspire, Sile exemplifies a life well-lived, centered around passion and purpose.


Q: What is Sile Murphy’s net worth? A: Sile Murphy’s estimated net worth is around $500k, reflecting her income from teaching and music.

Q: What are some notable collaborations between Sile and Cillian Murphy? A: Sile and Cillian collaborated on albums like “The Coral Sea” (2005) and “The Clockwork Orange” (2011), showcasing their vocal and guitar talents.

Q: Where does Sile Murphy live? A: Sile resides in a modest house in Dublin with her husband John and their two children, Fionn and Iseult.

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