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In the dynamic realm of electronic music, where beats and rhythms converge to create an immersive experience, Shouse has emerged as a formidable duo, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene. Comprising Jack Madin and Ed Service, this Australian-New Zealand partnership has cultivated a distinctive sound that has captivated audiences worldwide. Let’s delve into the journey of Shouse, from their humble beginnings in Melbourne to becoming one of the most influential musical bands globally.

Shouse’s  History

In 2011, Ed Service, hailing from the Hutt Valley near Wellington, New Zealand, made a pivotal decision to relocate to Melbourne, Australia. Drawn by the vibrant dance music scene, Ed’s journey took a significant turn during a night out at a Melbourne nightclub, where he encountered Jack Madin, a local musician with roots in folk and rock.

Their shared passion for music led to the formation of Shouse, an underground electronic music duo that would soon redefine the genre.

Shouse’s  Career

Shouse’s musical journey commenced in 2015 during a recording session in a warehouse in Brunswick. It was here that they birthed the vocals for their breakout single, “Love Tonight.” Collaborating with a diverse group of amateur singers and underground music stars from Melbourne, Shouse aimed to create a participatory musical experience inspired by Victor Turner’s concept of communitas.

While “Love Tonight” initially garnered attention, it wasn’t until 2021 that the song exploded in popularity. Remixes by renowned producers Oliver Huntemann, Vintage Culture, and David Guetta, coupled with TikTok virality, propelled Shouse to national charts across Europe, marking the beginning of their debut tour.

In February 2022, Shouse released the poignant track “Won’t Forget You,” recorded amidst European travels and a live performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House on New Year’s Eve 2021. The song serves as a heartfelt tribute to friendship and love, underscoring the enduring nature of meaningful connections.

Shouse’s  Awards & Nominations

Shouse’s musical prowess has not gone unnoticed, with nominations for the Australian Independent Record Awards (AIR Awards) and the Music Victoria Awards. These accolades celebrate the duo’s significant contributions to Australia’s independent music sector.



  • Whisper
  • Support Structure
  • Without You
  • Text Apology
  • Love Tonight


  • Openshouse 3
  • Into It

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How did Shouse come together as a musical duo?

A: Ed Service and Jack Madin crossed paths during a night out at a Melbourne nightclub, discovering their shared passion for music and forming Shouse as an underground electronic music duo.

Q2: What inspired the creation of Shouse’s breakout single, “Love Tonight”?

A: Shouse drew inspiration from Victor Turner’s concept of communitas, aiming to create a participatory musical experience. The song’s choir-like effect was achieved by collaborating with amateur singers and Melbourne’s underground music stars.

Q3: Which artists have contributed remixes to Shouse’s tracks?

A: Renowned producers Oliver Huntemann, Vintage Culture, and David Guetta have released remixes of Shouse’s tracks, contributing to the duo’s surge in popularity.


Shouse’s meteoric rise in the electronic music scene reflects their innovative approach and unwavering passion for creating music that resonates with audiences globally. As they continue to make waves with their unique sound, Shouse is undoubtedly a musical force to be reckoned with, solidifying their place among the biggest bands in the world. Stay tuned for more electrifying beats and soulful melodies from this dynamic duo.

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