Seminole State College of Florida , USA: Tuition, fees, Admissions, Rankings

If you’re considering studying in the United States, Seminole State College of Florida offers a range of undergraduate programs. Learn more about its tuition fees, admissions process, and global rankings in this guide.

About Seminole State College of Florida:

  • Location: Seminole County, United States
  • Type: Public institution
  • Founded: 1966
  • Total Enrollment: 25,476
  • International Enrollment: #3245

World Rankings:

Discover Seminole State College of Florida’s standings from reputable ranking sources:

  • EduRank: #4753
  • UniRank: #2127

Tuition Fees:

Explore the estimated annual tuition fees for bachelor’s students at Seminole State College of Florida:

  • Domestic Students: $1,915 – $7,595 USD
  • International Students: $1,915 – $7,594 USD

While these figures provide a general idea, exact fees depend on the chosen program. Refer to the official tuition fee pages for precise information.

Admissions Process:

Learn about the admission process, requirements, and program-specific details for both domestic and international students. Find the relevant admission pages for bachelor’s degrees:

Degree Programs:

Seminole State College of Florida offers diverse bachelor’s programs, including:

  • Engineering Technology
  • Elementary Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Interior Design
  • Management and Organizational Leadership
  • Public Safety Administration
  • Information Systems Technology

Explore additional academic programs on the bachelor’s course pages.

FAQ Section:

Q: What is the total enrollment at Seminole State College of Florida? A: Seminole State College has a total enrollment of 25,476 students.

Q: How does Seminole State College of Florida rank globally? A: According to EduRank, it is ranked #4753 globally, and UniRank places it at #2127.

Q: What is the range of tuition fees for international students? A: Tuition fees for international students range from $1,915 to $7,594 USD annually.

Q: Can I study Engineering Technology at Seminole State College of Florida? A: Yes, Seminole State College offers a bachelor’s program in Engineering Technology.


Whether you’re interested in Engineering, Education, Health Sciences, or other fields, Seminole State College of Florida provides a variety of programs. Explore their official pages for detailed information, and start planning your educational journey in the United States.

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