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Samantha Jane Stosur, known to many as Sam Stosur, is an Australian tennis legend who carved out an impressive career in both singles and doubles. Let’s dive into the story of this remarkable athlete, from her early life to her triumphant moments on the tennis court.

Samantha Stosur  Early Life & Education:

Born on March 30, 1984, in Brisbane, Australia, Samantha Stosur grew up with her parents, Tony and Diane Stosur, and two brothers, Dominic and Daniel. A flood at the age of six led the family to start anew in Adelaide. Samantha attended Helensvale State High School, the Queensland Academy of Sport, and the Australian Institute of Sport before embarking on her professional tennis journey.

Samantha Stosur  Career Highlights:

In 2005, Samantha Stosur had a breakthrough year, securing her first two WTA titles in singles and doubles. The following year, she clinched her first Grand Slam titles in doubles at the French Open and US Open. In 2011, she made history by winning the US Open singles title, defeating Serena Williams in the final. Stosur’s career boasts an impressive 40 WTA titles, including nine singles, 28 doubles, and three mixed doubles victories.

Samantha Stosur  Awards & Achievements:

Throughout her career, Stosur achieved numerous milestones, including Australian Open, French Open, and US Open doubles championships. She reached the career-high singles ranking of No. 4 in 2011 and held the No. 1 doubles ranking for 61 consecutive weeks from 2006 to 2007. Her accolades include the Newcombe Medal and the Don Award multiple times.

Samantha Stosur Personal Life:

In 2016, Stosur crossed paths with Liz Astling, a physiotherapist for the Australian Fed Cup team. Their connection blossomed, and by 2020, they welcomed their first child, Genevieve Evie Stosur.

Samantha Stosur  Net Worth:

Samantha Stosur’s successful tennis career, including nine singles and 28 doubles titles, contributed to her estimated net worth of $20 million. Beyond prize money, endorsements and sponsorships played a role in her financial success.

Samantha Stosur  Social Media:

Stay connected with Samantha Stosur on Instagram: @samstosur.


Samantha Stosur’s journey from Brisbane to becoming a Grand Slam champion is an inspiring tale of dedication and triumph. Her legacy in tennis is etched in history, and her impact on the sport is undeniable.


  1. When did Samantha Stosur win her first Grand Slam title?
    • Samantha Stosur clinched her first Grand Slam singles title at the US Open in 2011.
  2. How did Stosur meet her partner Liz Astling?
    • They crossed paths when Liz worked as a physiotherapist for the Australian Fed Cup team, and their relationship blossomed from there.
  3. What is Samantha Stosur’s net worth?
    • Samantha Stosur’s net worth is approximately $20 million, accumulated through her successful tennis career and endorsements.

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