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Meet Robert Irwin, the 20-year-old Australian conservationist, TV personality, zookeeper, wildlife photographer, and actor. Following in his late father Steve Irwin’s footsteps, Robert has carved a unique niche for himself in the world of wildlife and entertainment.

Robert Irwin Early Life & Education:

Born on December 1, 2003, in Buderim, Queensland, Australia, Robert grew up in the Australia Zoo, a wildlife haven founded by his grandparents and later run by his parents. Homeschooled by his mom, Terri, alongside his sister Bindi, Robert developed a deep connection with animals, fostering his interest in photography and filmmaking.

Robert Irwin Personal Life:

At 20, Robert is single and focused on family bonds. He’s particularly close to his sister, Bindi, and proudly embraces the role of uncle to Bindi’s daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. Outside his bustling career, Robert enjoys outdoor activities like traveling, camping, surfing, and playing the guitar.

Robert Irwin Career Highlights:

Robert’s TV journey began at an astonishingly young age, featuring on his father’s show, “The Crocodile Hunter Diaries.” Over the years, he’s appeared on various global platforms, showcasing his wildlife passion. Hosting his own show, “Robert’s Real Life Adventures,” and co-hosting “Crikey! It’s the Irwins” with his family on Animal Planet, Robert has left a mark on the entertainment scene.

Awards and Achievements:

The Irwin family’s show, “Crikey! The Irwins,” has earned praise and accolades, including the Critics’ Choice Real TV Award and the AACTA Award. Robert’s prowess extends to photography, earning him prestigious awards like the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year.

Books and Creativity:

In addition to his TV ventures, Robert has co-created a book series, “Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter,” showcasing his passion for wildlife in a fictional setting. His books, like “Robert Irwin’s Pocket Guide to Australian Wildlife” and “Robert Irwin’s Big Book of Dinosaurs,” add to his diverse contributions.

Robert Irwin Social Media Presence:

While specific handles were not provided, Robert Irwin is likely active on Instagram and Twitter, sharing glimpses of his wildlife adventures, family moments, and behind-the-scenes from his various projects.

Robert Irwin Filmography:

Robert’s acting career includes roles in films like “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove” and appearances in TV shows such as “Bindi’s Bootcamp” and “Return to Nim’s Island.” He’s also lent his voice to animated projects like “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.”

FAQ Section:

Q: How did Robert Irwin start his career? A: Robert made his debut on television at just three years old on his father’s show, “The Crocodile Hunter Diaries.”

Q: What awards has “Crikey! The Irwins” won? A: The show has earned the Critics’ Choice Real TV Award for Best Animal/Nature Show, the AACTA Award for Best Factual Entertainment Program, and the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewing Series.

Q: How much is Robert Irwin’s net worth? A: Robert Irwin’s estimated net worth is $3 million, supplemented by his various ventures in television, books, photography, and acting.


Robert Irwin continues to honor his father’s legacy while building his own remarkable career in wildlife conservation and entertainment. His passion, talent, and dedication shine through in his TV shows, books, photography, and acting projects, making him a prominent figure in the global wildlife community.

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