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Helen Skelton, the renowned English TV presenter and adventurer, owes much of her success to the loving and supportive upbringing provided by her parents, Richard and Janet Skelton. Let’s delve into the lives of these humble individuals who raised Helen on a dairy farm in Cumbria and played a crucial role in shaping her remarkable journey.

Richard Skelton:

Born in the 1950s and raised in a farming family in Cumbria, Richard Skelton inherited the family farm and continued the tradition of working with animals and crops. A nature and conservation enthusiast, he instilled in his children a deep respect for the environment. Richard, a sports enthusiast, also encouraged his son Gavin in pursuing a football career. Known for his devotion to family and friends, Richard was a loving father who always made time for those he cared about.

Janet Skelton:

Janet Skelton, born in the 1960s, met Richard at a young age, and they built a life together on the farm in Kirkby Thore. A caring and supportive mother, Janet actively assisted Richard with farm work and cared for their children. With a talent for dancing and singing, she passed on her passion for performing arts to her daughter Helen. Janet’s cheerful and optimistic nature always saw the bright side of life.

Their Love Life:

Richard and Janet shared a harmonious and happy marriage based on mutual respect and affection. Celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in 2010, they renewed their vows in a romantic ceremony. Despite their daughter’s fame, they maintained a simple and humble lifestyle, proud of Helen’s achievements but unchanged by her success.

Their Children:

The Skeltons had two children in the 1980s, Gavin and Helen. Gavin followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a footballer and later a coach. Helen, inheriting her mother’s flair for performing, pursued a career in journalism and became a popular TV host. Despite a separation from her husband in 2022, Helen returned to the farm with her two sons.


Richard and Janet’s unconventional career centered around running the farm. They worked tirelessly to maintain quality and productivity, diversifying income by selling produce at local markets and hosting visitors. Respected in their community, they navigated the challenges of farming with integrity and dedication.


The Skeltons left a lasting legacy by being exemplary parents and citizens. Instilling values of honesty and perseverance, they supported their children’s dreams and contributed to preserving the region’s natural and cultural heritage. Their kindness and generosity inspired many.

Net Worth:

Richard and Janet’s combined net worth is estimated at around $2.5 million. Living modestly, they focused on a content and fulfilling life rather than material possessions.


  1. How did Richard and Janet Skelton contribute to their community?
    • Richard and Janet actively supported their community through responsible and sustainable farming practices, contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.
  2. What is the legacy of Richard and Janet Skelton?
    • The Skeltons left a lasting legacy by raising their children with values of honesty and perseverance, inspiring others through their kindness, generosity, and commitment to preserving rural traditions.
  3. How did Helen Skelton’s parents influence her career?
    • Richard and Janet’s support and encouragement played a crucial role in shaping Helen Skelton’s career, instilling in her the values that have made her a successful TV presenter and adventurer.

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