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Priya Gill, a former Indian actress and model, etched her name into the annals of Bollywood during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Born on December 9, 1975, in Punjab, India, she rose to fame not only for her acting prowess but also for representing India at Miss International 1995 after clinching the Femina Miss India International 1995 title.

Priya Gill’s Early Life:

Growing up in Punjab, Priya Gill’s childhood remains shrouded in mystery, with details about her parents and siblings undisclosed. However, her passion for acting manifested early, leading her to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry. Though her educational background remains private, her dedication to honing her craft paved the way for a remarkable career.

Priya Gill’s Personal Life:

Priya Gill has masterfully kept her personal life away from the prying eyes of the public. Details about her romantic relationships, family, and children, if any, are unknown. It seems Priya values a private and low-profile personal life, choosing to focus on her career and craft.

Priya Gill’s Career:

Priya Gill’s journey in the film industry commenced with the critically acclaimed Hindi film ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ in 1996. Her portrayal of Paro Shastri earned widespread acclaim, establishing her as an instant favorite. She showcased her versatility by starring in films across various languages, including Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri.

Her notable contributions to Hindi cinema include roles in ‘Sham Ghansham’ (1998), ‘Sirf Tum’ (1999), ‘Josh’ (2000), and ‘Border Hindustan Ka’ (2003). Priya Gill’s dedication and talent resonated in the Telugu film industry with ‘Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary’ (2000), leaving an indelible mark on Indian cinema.

Priya Gill’s Net Worth:

Although specific details about Priya Gill’s net worth are not readily available, estimates suggest it is around $3 million. Her successful acting career and contributions to the film industry undoubtedly contributed to her financial prosperity.

Priya Gill’s Social Media:

Despite her fame, Priya Gill has maintained a low profile on social media. As of now, she doesn’t have active Instagram or Twitter handles.


  1. Tere Mere Sapne
  2. Sham Ghansham
  3. Sirf Tum
  4. Megham
  5. Josh
  6. Bagunnara
  7. Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary
  8. Red
  9. Jee Aayan Nu
  10. Border Hindustan Ka
  11. Piya Tose Naina Lage


Priya Gill’s journey from Punjab to Bollywood stardom is a testament to her talent and dedication. As she continues to maintain a private personal life, her contributions to the Indian film industry remain immortalized in the hearts of her fans. Priya Gill’s legacy serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors, showcasing the power of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of dreams.


  1. Is Priya Gill active on social media?

    • No, Priya Gill does not have active Instagram or Twitter handles.
  2. What is Priya Gill’s estimated net worth?

    • While specific details are not available, Priya Gill’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.
  3. Which was Priya Gill’s debut film?

    • Priya Gill made her debut in the critically acclaimed Hindi film ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ in 1996.
  4. In which beauty pageant did Priya Gill represent India?

    • Priya Gill represented India at Miss International 1995 after winning the Femina Miss India International 1995 title.
  5. What languages has Priya Gill worked in?

    • Priya Gill showcased her talent in various languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri.

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