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In the dynamic world of political reporting, few names resonate as strongly as Phil Mattingly. With a career marked by insightful coverage and in-depth analysis, Mattingly has carved a niche for himself, earning trust and respect in the industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the life, education, and career of this prominent American journalist.

Phil Mattingly’s Early Life & Education:

Born on December 16, 1985, Phil Mattingly’s early life remains somewhat shrouded in mystery. Raised in a supportive environment by private parents, details about his childhood and siblings are yet to be revealed. Mattingly embarked on his educational journey at Ohio State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. He continued his pursuit of knowledge at Boston University, obtaining a Master of Arts degree, laying the foundation for his successful career in journalism.

Phil Mattingly’s Personal Life:

While Phil Mattingly is known for his professional prowess, his personal life remains mostly private. He is married to Chelsea Carter, and the couple is blessed with four children. Despite the demands of his career, Mattingly strikes a commendable balance between his personal and professional commitments.

Phil Mattingly’s Career:

Mattingly’s journalistic journey began in 2007 at the Cape Cod Times, where he covered Capitol Hill and Washington politics. His skills led him to the Congressional Quarterly later that year, focusing on Economics and Financial Affairs. Joining Bloomberg News in 2010, Mattingly’s expertise contributed to the outlet’s coverage of the federal response to the financial crisis. Recognition followed, leading to his appointment as a Justice Department correspondent in 2012.

His career peaked when he became a White House correspondent in 2013, offering insightful analysis during the Obama administration. Transitioning to the role of Bloomberg’s national political correspondent, Mattingly played a crucial role in covering the 2016 presidential campaigns. In December 2015, CNN welcomed him as a correspondent, solidifying his status as a key figure in political reporting.

Phil Mattingly’s Net Worth:

As a testament to his success, Phil Mattingly’s estimated net worth stands at around $4 million. This substantial figure mirrors his achievements and recognition within the field of journalism.

Phil Mattingly’s Social Media:

Connect with Phil Mattingly on Twitter (@Phil_Mattingly) and Instagram (@Phil_mattingly) to stay updated on his insights and experiences.


Q: When did Phil Mattingly start his career in journalism?

A: Mattingly’s journey commenced in 2007 when he joined the Cape Cod Times.

Q: What is Phil Mattingly’s educational background?

A: He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio State University and a Master of Arts degree from Boston University.

Q: How many children does Phil Mattingly have?

A: Mattingly and his wife, Chelsea Carter, have four children.

In unraveling the life and career of Phil Mattingly, we witness the trajectory of a journalist who has not only reported on political landscapes but has significantly shaped the narrative. As he continues to make waves in the industry, his journey remains an inspiration for aspiring journalists and a testament to the power of dedicated and insightful reporting.

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