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In the vibrant city of Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, a football prodigy was born on May 28, 2000, destined for greatness. Philip Walter Foden, affectionately known as Phil Foden, has emerged as one of the brightest young stars in football, captivating audiences with his exceptional skills as a midfielder for Manchester City and the revered England national team.

Phil Foden’s Early Life & Education:

Born into a supportive family, Phil Foden was nurtured by his loving parents, Phil Foden Sr. and Claire Foden. His journey through education saw him attend Stockport Academy and St. Bede’s College, where he honed both his academic and athletic abilities.

Phil Foden’s Career Milestones:

At the tender age of eight, Foden embarked on his football journey at Manchester City’s youth academy. His debut for the senior team in December 2016 marked him as the youngest player ever to grace the field for the prestigious club. Notably, in December 2017, Foden celebrated scoring his first senior goal in a remarkable 4-1 victory against Tottenham Hotspur.

With over 100 appearances for Manchester City, Foden boasts an impressive record, securing five Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, and one Community Shield. His stellar performances have earned him recognition, including two appearances in the PFA Team of the Year in 2021 and 2022.

International Success:

Foden’s international journey began with the England under-17 squad, contributing to their triumphant victory in the 2017 UEFA European Under-17 Championship. He made his debut for the senior national team in September 2020, and despite England’s defeat in the Euro 2020 final against Italy, Foden has earned a well-deserved spot in England’s team for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Recent Triumphs:

In a decisive victory against Manchester United on October 29, 2023, Foden showcased his prowess with a goal, courtesy of an assist from Erling Haaland. The match highlighted Manchester City’s dominance, solidifying their superiority under the guidance of Pep Guardiola.

Awards & Accolades:

Phil Foden’s remarkable skills have not gone unnoticed, with numerous awards, including three consecutive PFA Young Player of the Year titles and three Premier League Young Player of the Season titles. His inclusion in the 2022–23 UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season further cements his status as a football luminary.

Phil Foden’s Personal Life:

Beyond the field, Foden’s personal life is marked by a committed relationship with Rebecca Cooke, a fellow Stockport native. The couple welcomed their first child, Ronnie Foden, in January 2019, and their family expanded with the birth of their daughter in 2021. Embracing fatherhood at a young age has added a layer of responsibility and dedication to Foden’s personal and professional growth.

Financial Success:

Phil Foden’s net worth, currently at approximately $5 million, reflects his impressive performance and value as a player. With a weekly salary of £225,000 at Manchester City, he stands as one of the highest-paid athletes at the club and among the most generously compensated young players globally.

Connect with Phil Foden:

  • Twitter: @PhilFoden
  • Instagram: @philfoden


Phil Foden’s journey from a promising talent at Manchester City’s youth academy to a key player for both club and country is a testament to his dedication, skill, and resilience. As he continues to make waves in the football world, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the next chapter in the extraordinary career of this young English football sensation.


  1. When did Phil Foden make his senior debut for Manchester City?

    • Phil Foden made his senior debut for Manchester City in December 2016 at the age of eight.
  2. How many awards has Phil Foden won?

    • Phil Foden has received several awards, including three PFA Young Player of the Year titles and three Premier League Young Player of the Season titles.
  3. What is Phil Foden’s net worth?

    • Phil Foden’s net worth is approximately $5 million, with his wealth continually growing due to his outstanding performance and value as a player.

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