Part Time Jobs in Canada: Student Work Permit and Wages

Canada has emerged as a popular destination for international students, and with good reason. The prospect of gaining a world-class education is often accompanied by the opportunity to engage in part-time work, providing students with not only financial support for academic expenses but also valuable work experience. If you’re an Indian student considering studying in Canada, here’s a comprehensive guide to help answer your questions about part-time jobs.

Work Permits and Conditions

Before delving into the specifics of part-time work, it’s essential to understand the permits and conditions that apply to international students in Canada. While volunteering or working on-campus may not require a work permit, off-campus paid work does. Students must apply for a work permit after six months of study or obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Permitted Hours for Part-Time Jobs:

  • During Academic Session: 20 hrs/week (maximum)
  • During Summer Break/Holidays: Full Time

Monetary Compensation

Part-time jobs in Canada typically offer hourly pay, ranging from 10 CAD to 14 CAD. While securing a job in your field of study is ideal, it’s important to be open to other opportunities. Here are some examples of part-time jobs in Canada, along with their hourly pay rates:

  • Bookkeeper: 25 CAD/hour
  • Educational interpreter: 13 CAD/hour
  • Customer service assistant: 11 CAD/hour
  • Aquarium interpreter: 13 CAD/hour
  • Sales assistant: 12 CAD/hour
  • Cook: 13 CAD/hour
  • Office assistant: 13 – 15 CAD/hour
  • Human resources assistant: 13 CAD/hour
  • Lifeguard: 12 CAD/hour
  • Painter: 13 CAD/hour
  • Festival coordinator: 10 CAD/hour
  • Camp counsellor: 12 CAD/hour
  • Program facilitator: 13 CAD/hour
  • Recreation facilitator: 15 CAD/hour
  • Reading program leader: 14 CAD/hour
  • Entertainment activities coordinator: 15 CAD/hour
  • Baker: 11 – 22 CAD/month

Dos and Don’ts

Finding a suitable part-time job requires effort and strategy. Here are some tips for international students:

  • Network Building: Engage in campus activities to expand your network. Contacts made during these activities can lead to job opportunities.
  • Resume Building: Craft a solid resume tailored for part-time job applications.
  • Utilize Campus Resources: Check college and university bulletin boards for job openings. Explore both on-campus and off-campus opportunities.
  • Field of Study Priority: Prioritize finding a job related to your field of study, as this can significantly enhance your experience and professional network.


navigating part-time work in Canada as an international student involves understanding work permits, exploring job opportunities, and actively engaging in the local community. By following these guidelines, you can make the most of your Canadian educational experience, both academically and professionally.

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