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Norzita Taat, a Malaysian doctor, has garnered attention for her low-key lifestyle and unwavering support for her husband, Abdul Hadi Awang, a notable politician and religious leader in Malaysia. This blog post delves into Norzita’s life, covering her background, family, career, and the factors that contribute to her estimated net worth of $500k.

Norzita Taat’s  Early Life & Education:

Despite her preference for a private life, it is known that Norzita was born and raised in Malaysia. She pursued a medical degree at a local university, details of which remain undisclosed. As a practicing doctor, her specialization and workplace are yet to be revealed.

Norzita Taat’s Personal Life:

In 1991, Norzita tied the knot with Abdul Hadi Awang, becoming his second wife. The couple shares three children – Muhammad Khalil, Nurul Izzah, and Nurul Huda. Muhammad Khalil is a lecturer and deputy president of PAS Youth, while Nurul Izzah is a businesswoman and founder of Yayasan Nurul Izzah. Nurul Huda, on the other hand, is a student and president of PAS Women’s Wing. Norzita’s simplicity and support for her husband’s political and religious endeavors are noteworthy aspects of her personal life.

Norzita Taat’s Career:

Norzita’s medical career details remain largely unknown. Graduating from a local university, she is believed to have worked in various hospitals or clinics in Malaysia. Her expertise in Islamic medicine and health is hinted, with some reports suggesting she may have written articles or books on the subject.

Social Involvement:

Beyond her family life, Norzita is involved in social and charitable causes. She extends medical assistance to the needy and promotes Islamic education. Her humble and respectful demeanor, coupled with her reluctance for the spotlight, distinguishes her from the public eye.

Norzita Taat’s  Net Worth:

While Norzita Taat’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $500k, specific details about her income and assets are undisclosed. Being a doctor and the wife of a prominent figure, she likely enjoys financial stability.


Q1: What is Norzita Taat’s profession? A: Norzita Taat is a doctor by profession, but the specific field of medicine and details about her career remain undisclosed.

Q2: How many children does Norzita have, and what are their occupations? A: Norzita has three children – Muhammad Khalil (lecturer and deputy president of PAS Youth), Nurul Izzah (businesswoman and founder of Yayasan Nurul Izzah), and Nurul Huda (student and president of PAS Women’s Wing).

Q3: What social causes is Norzita involved in? A: Norzita is actively involved in providing medical assistance to the needy and promoting Islamic education as part of her social and charitable activities.

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