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In the heartland of America, where the vast fields of Minnesota stretch as far as the eye can see, Nick Hagen stands as a proud farmer and author, carrying forward a legacy deeply rooted in his family’s agricultural heritage. Born on November 30, 1986, in East Grand Forks, Nick has cultivated not only a bountiful farm but also a life filled with love and creativity alongside his wife, Molly Yeh.

Nick Hagen Early Life & Education:

Growing up in the charming town of East Grand Forks, Nick was surrounded by the rich cultural tapestry of his Norwegian heritage. Born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, Nick’s parents, Roger Hagen and Roxanne Hagen, led fulfilling lives—his father a dedicated farmer and his mother a culinary artist. A loving sister named Anna Sather completed their close-knit family. Nick’s journey led him to the prestigious Julliard School, where he honed his musical talents, notably playing the trombone in the college orchestra.

Nick Hagen Career:

The Hagen Family Farm, fondly known as Hagen Sugar Beet Farm, has been the heart and soul of Nick’s family for generations. Established by his great-great-grandfather, Bernt Hagen, who immigrated to America in 1870, this 220-acre farm in East Grand Forks specializes in cultivating beets. From a charming white home to steel silos, a vibrant red tractor, a flourishing vegetable garden, and even a repurposed chicken coop, the farm encapsulates the authentic farming experience.

Guests have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in this rural haven by renting farmhouse holiday accommodations. Perfect for family gatherings, weekends with friends, wedding groups, or personal getaways, these spaces offer a glimpse into the simple and fulfilling life Nick leads.

Nick Hagen Social Media:

For those wanting to catch a glimpse of Nick’s life on the farm, his Instagram (@nickhagenphoto) and Twitter (@hagen_nick_) handles offer a visual journey through the seasons, showcasing the beauty and hard work that goes into maintaining such a vast agricultural estate.

Nick Hagen Personal Life:

Nick’s love story with Molly Yeh, an accomplished chef, and television personality, adds another layer to his narrative. Meeting at the Julliard School of Music, their shared passion for creativity and music blossomed into a lifelong commitment. Molly’s culinary skills took center stage when she crafted their wedding cake, marking the beginning of a shared life on the Hagen Family Farm. In November 2018, they joyfully announced the impending arrival of their first child, Bernadette Rosemary “Bernie” Yeh Hagen, followed by the birth of Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen in February 2022.

Nick Hagen Net Worth:

In a world often overshadowed by opulence, Nick Hagen embodies a humble existence, dedicated to his craft and the land he cultivates. With an estimated net worth of approximately $800,000, Nick’s journey serves as an inspiration for those who value the simplicity and authenticity of a life connected to the earth.


Q: How did Nick and Molly Yeh meet?

A: Nick and Molly first crossed paths while studying music at the Julliard School of Music, where their shared passion for creativity and music laid the foundation for their enduring relationship.

Q: Tell us more about Hagen Sugar Beet Farm. A: The farm, established by Nick’s great-great-grandfather in 1870, spans 220 acres in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, specializing in the cultivation of beets. Guests can rent farmhouse accommodations for a true farming experience.

Q: What are Nick Hagen’s social media handles?

A: You can follow Nick on Instagram (@nickhagenphoto) and Twitter (@hagen_nick_) for a visual journey through the seasons on the Hagen Family Farm.

Q: How many children do Nick and Molly Yeh have?

A: Nick and Molly are proud parents of two daughters, Bernadette Rosemary “Bernie” Yeh Hagen, born in March 2019, and Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen, born in February 2022.

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