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Meet Michael Gordon, better known by his stage name, Mk.gee, a captivating figure in the American music scene. Born on September 27, 1997, in the vibrant town of Linwood, New Jersey, Mk.gee has woven a distinctive tapestry of indie, alternative, and lo-fi music that resonates with audiences far and wide. As we delve into the life and career of this 26-year-old singer-songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist, we uncover the layers of his early influences, educational pursuits, and the enigmatic aura that surrounds his personal life.

Mk.gee’s Early Life & Education

Raised in the musical embrace of southern New Jersey, Mk.gee’s journey into the world of melody began at a tender age. At six or seven, he embarked on piano lessons, nurturing a passion that would later evolve into a full-fledged musical career. His love for the guitar blossomed at 11, leading him to join a high school band. However, the solitary nature of his creative process became evident as he discovered his preference for crafting music independently.

Post-high school, Mk.gee made the pivotal decision to chase his musical dreams in Los Angeles. Enrolling at the USC Thornton School of Music, he honed his skills and expanded his artistic horizons.

Mk.gee’s Personal Life

While Mk.gee’s musical prowess is well-documented, details about his personal life remain shrouded in mystery. With a low-key approach to his romantic relationships, the artist appears wholly dedicated to his craft, allowing his music to take center stage in his life.

Mk.gee’s Career Beginnings

2017 marked the genesis of Mk.gee’s official musical journey with the release of his debut single, “I Know How You Get.” This track served as a sonic introduction to his unique style, paving the way for his first EP, “Pronounced McGee,” in 2018. Featuring hits like “Roll with the Punches,” “Over Here,” and “You,” the EP established Mk.gee as a rising force in the indie music scene.

The momentum continued with his second EP, “Fool,” released later in 2018. Tracks like “New Year” garnered positive reviews, solidifying Mk.gee’s position as an artist with staying power.

Versatility Beyond Solo Work

Mk.gee’s musical dexterity extends beyond his solo projects. As a producer, he has lent his talents to artists like Omar Apollo and Dijon. Notable contributions to Omar Apollo’s “Apolonio” mixtape and Dijon’s debut album, “Absolutely,” showcase Mk.gee’s versatility as a collaborative force in the industry.

Mk.gee’s Net Worth

While specific financial details may elude public scrutiny, Mk.gee’s success is reflected in an estimated net worth of approximately $7 million. A testament to his talent and impact on the music scene.

Mk.gee’s Social Media Presence

Stay connected with Mk.gee through his social media channels:

  • Instagram: @Mk.gee
  • Twitter: @Mk.gee


Explore the sonic realms of Mk.gee’s discography:

  • “Pronounced McGee”
  • “Fool”
  • “A Museum of Contradiction”


As we navigate the melodic landscapes crafted by Mk.gee, it’s evident that his musical journey is one marked by passion, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to his craft. With an enigmatic personal life, a growing discography, and a net worth that reflects his impact, Mk.gee stands as a testament to the transformative power of music.

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