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In the shadow of the iconic Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor, Maria Burton Carson has quietly carved her path through life, away from the glitz and glam that often accompanies a celebrity upbringing. While her roots trace back to Munich, Germany, Maria’s story unfolds within the folds of a family famous for their roles in the timeless film, “Cleopatra.”

Maria’s Early Life & Education

Born on August 1, 1961, in Munich, Germany, Maria’s early life is veiled in mystery, with details about her biological parents remaining undisclosed. Raised by her adoptive parents, the legendary Hollywood stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, renowned for their roles in “Cleopatra,” Maria’s childhood unfolded alongside siblings Michael Jr, Christopher, and Liza Todd.

Maria’s Personal Life

In contrast to the extravagant lives of her adoptive parents, Maria Burton Carson’s personal life is marked by a preference for privacy. At 62, Maria has ventured into matrimony twice, both journeys culminating in divorce. Currently residing in Idaho, she navigates life independently.

Maria’s first marriage took place on February 13, 1981, as she tied the knot with Daniel Steve Carson. The union bore a daughter, Elizabeth Carson, in 1982, but sadly, the marriage concluded in divorce in 2000. Her second marriage, to Tom McKeown, also saw its end in divorce.

Maria’s  Career

While Maria’s educational background remains a mystery, her professional pursuits are noteworthy. Demonstrating a passion for humanitarian work and fashion design, Maria Burton Carson has left an indelible mark, although specific details about her projects and endeavors are undisclosed.

Maria’s  Net Worth

Maria’s net worth remains a private facet of her life. In contrast, her adoptive mother, Elizabeth Taylor, accumulated a staggering net worth of $600 million during her illustrious acting career. Elizabeth’s legacy includes bequeathing her estate to Maria and her children.

Maria’s  Social Media

Maria maintains a discreet online presence, with no active Instagram or Twitter handles available to the public.

As we unveil the layers of Maria Burton Carson’s life, her journey becomes a testament to navigating the complexities of fame and fortune with grace and resilience. In a world obsessed with celebrity narratives, Maria’s story invites us to appreciate the beauty of a quiet existence beyond the spotlight.

FAQs About Maria Burton Carson:

Q: What is Maria Burton Carson’s current marital status?

A: As of April 2023, Maria Burton Carson resides in Idaho, leading a single life after two marriages that ended in divorce.

Q: What is known about Maria’s professional pursuits?

A: Maria has shown a passion for humanitarian work and fashion design, although specific details about her projects remain undisclosed.

Q: Has Maria inherited Elizabeth Taylor’s wealth?

A: Yes, Elizabeth Taylor bequeathed her estate to Maria and her children, ensuring a lasting legacy for the Burton Carson family.

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