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In the vibrant world of urban music, Manuel Turizo stands out as a Colombian singer and composer, celebrated for his soulful compositions and universal lyrics. Born on April 12, 2001, in Montería, Colombia, Turizo’s journey into the realm of music was influenced by his family’s musical background, with his mother and brother serving as early inspirations.

Despite initially contemplating a career in veterinary science, Turizo’s passion for music prevailed. He delved into the world of instruments, mastering the saxophone, guitar, ukulele, and piano. Vocal classes with a Cuban teacher fine-tuned his voice, setting the stage for his emergence as a promising singer.

Sibling Support and Early Releases

Turizo’s older brother, Julián Turizo, played a pivotal role in his artistic journey. Initially serving as his producer, Julián provided valuable guidance, helping Turizo refine his unique style. The collaboration between the brothers resulted in the release of one of Turizo’s initial singles, “Baila Conmigo,” on December 6, 2016, showcasing his undeniable talent and foreshadowing a bright future in music.

Following this debut, Turizo continued to evolve his musical identity. Tracks like “Vámonos” revealed a romantic side to his style, setting the stage for his official release of “Una lady Como tú” on March 16, 2017. This single marked a turning point in his career, amassing over 300 million views on YouTube and catapulting him to fame.

Record Label Deal and International Recognition

In recognition of his rapid success, Manuel Turizo signed with the renowned record label “La Industria Inc” and established himself in the city of Medellín. His growing fame necessitated online completion of high school studies as he juggled trips, concerts, and recordings.

Turizo’s collaboration with reggaetón singer Valentino on “Bésame” in May 2017 further expanded his reach, accumulating over 50 million views on YouTube. The international acclaim continued with the release of the “Una lady Como tú (Remix)” featuring urban sensation Nicky Jam on August 3, 2017.

Awards and Continued Growth

The recognition of Manuel Turizo’s talent extended to award ceremonies, with his appearance at the TV and Novelas Awards on September 16, 2017. The following month saw the release of “Déjala que regrese” from Piso 21, featuring Turizo’s collaboration.

Despite his relatively short time in the music industry, Turizo has remained dedicated to keeping his fans informed about his projects through social media. He challenges the stereotypes associated with the urban genre, emphasizing the importance of storytelling in his music.



  1. Baila conmigo (2016)
  2. Vamonos (2016)
  3. Una lady como tú (2017)
  4. Una lady como tú (Remix), with Nicky Jam (2017)
  5. Esperandote (2017)


  • Bésame, with Valentino (2017)


Q: What instruments does Manuel Turizo play?

A: Manuel Turizo is proficient in playing the saxophone, guitar, ukulele, and piano.

Q: When did Manuel Turizo sign with “La Industria Inc”?

A: Manuel Turizo signed with the record label “La Industria Inc” to solidify his presence in the music industry.

Q: What was the inspiration behind “Una lady Como tú”?

A: “Una lady Como tú” was inspired by Manuel Turizo’s trip to Medellín and became the breakthrough theme that propelled him to fame.

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