Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Man Shares Photos Of What He Found In Dad’s Bedroom 1 Year After He Suddenly Fell Sick And Died

A young man recently discovered the alleged cause of his father’s death under the tiles in the room where his father used to sleep before he died.

He shared his story on Twitter in response to the trend about how some tenant houses breed evil and cause bad luck.

In his tweet he said:

“For people who don’t believe,this dry snake was buried under the tiles in my parents bedroom. It’s our personal house and renovations was done when my dad bought the house. It’s sad that it was one year after my dad fell sick and died that we saw it”.

Out of curiosity one of his followers asked

“Waoh… May his Soul rest in Peace. How did you get to know and probably remove the Tile. I’m sorry for asking. Just Curious n wan make you enlighten others too.”

He responded:

“Someone asked us to dig at the edge of the bed,that’s where my dad keeps his head while sleeping. Well we dug up to 5 places before we saw that snake. Plus most spiritual people (relatives) who sleep in our house usually see a big python chasing them”.



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