22-Year-Old Young Man Who Built Lamborghini Car For Himself Because He Couldn’t Afford One, Shares Photos

A 22-year-old has shocked many people on the internet after pictures of the luxury Lamborghini car he built hit social media.

Mukundi Malovhele has always been fascinated by the luxury and class that a Lamborghini car offers, but his inability to afford one made him build his own using scrap materials.

He said,

“I’ve always loved the Lamborghini when I saw it on TV, so I decided to make one inspired by it because I can’t afford to buy it.”

The 22-years-old is from an agrarian South African family that owns a tomato and watermelon farm, but his determined to rise from his humble background and put his name in the history books.

It took the young man who didn’t study mechanical engineering or mathematics 4 years to build his Lamborghini, which he started working on in 2017.

Due to his poor background, Mukundi Malovhele couldn’t afford to buy first-hand spare parts, so he started collecting scrap materials from old cars and financial assistance from his father to build his car.

“I used to make wire cars when I was younger; this is a passion that has been within me for a long time. My father sometimes spares me some money to buy some parts, but I really need a small engine,” he said.

Malovhele wants to become a mechanic so he can fix cars, but his ultimate dream is to design his own car model.

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“I want to become a mechanic and fix cars, but I also want to make my own car model because this is what I understand. My dream is to go to a technical college in Pretoria to study Engineering and related Design that will help me work on my skills,” he said.

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