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Here is the official lyrics of The Inside by Naturally skilled Nigerian singer and talented songwriter, M.I Abaga featuring The Cavemen & Phyno.

M.I Abaga – The Inside Lyrics


I’m falling just for you
Only for you
Only you, so-so gị
So gị ka m’ fụrụ n’anya
Read between the lines nwa baby
Ka anyị ga side-by-side
Let’s enjoy this lifestyle

Ka anyị ga nụ deep inside
Let’s go deep inside
Ka anyị ga nụ deep inside

Ka anyị ga nụ deep inside
Let’s go deep inside
Ka anyị ga nụ deep inside

Ọkụ na enwu
Ọkụ na gba nụ nụ
N’ime obi mọ
Chai, ife n’eme oh
Chelu ka m bịa go dị
I want make you smile to ma kpogodi
Ịsị m’ kpọọ nye ebea, okwa m’ bido kpọọ nye bee
A babe, ọkwa gị bụ ịsị njedebe oh

Aga gị de, I say I no go look back oh
Anything wey you want, I say you no go lack oh
Only thing wey I want, na make you dey my side oh
Ị kwechiri baby, ị nye mụ heart attack oh

I no go think am ’cause I don dey fall for you
You, you, you, you
Tell me make I do, do, do
Ife gị ná egbu gbu gbu m’
Make I go deep inside your heart oh
Pasa nụ, (yeah), ị kwete go

If I start to talk about the way you make me feel
My voice go lost, my throat go dry, eh
Tell your papa, I’ll be stopping by
To collect your independence like 4th July, eh

I love how you support The Guy
And who you know got your back
Well of course, The Guy
Chief Priest with the cow, girl I brought supply
Coca-Cola wedding budget, kolanut go die, chai

How blessed am I
Happiness full my chest, you no dey stress my mind
Every wedding wey I dey
Now my mens dey smile, “like make them give M.I. bouquet, he’s the next in line”

I know say your dress go fine
And when I post wedding picture, many girls go cry
Na we be player for this city like Kevin de Bruyne
But you Beyonce with the flex getting married to the best in rhyme

And that’s a big flex (big mood)
We go dey count money like fintech
And Instablog no fit know we dey go am for our love
Our relationship tinted

Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi
You feel the highlife
It’s so great for the mind, you’re part of my life
Can’t wait to introduce you as my wife
Hey, sweet for mouth, “see my wife”, eh

It’s Cavemen for me
It’s Phyno for me
Masterkraft for me
My sweet girl honey
My playboy bunny
Rub my tummy and now whine for me

Eh, yeah

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