Little 3-Year-Old Girl Intelligently Reacts to People Thinking She Is 6, Video Goes Viral

Little 3-Year-Old Girl Intelligently Reacts to People Thinking She Is 6, Video Goes Viral

A young child, who is just three years old, reacted to those who believed she was six years old. In the viral video, the girl’s mother broke the news to her in order to see her response. The girl thanked everyone and expressed her happiness that so many others shared her viewpoint.

She then clarified that she was only a few months older than the 3-year-old mark. On TikTok, a clever young girl who seemed older than her actual age gained popularity. In a video posted on TikTok by @allisonmathisjones, the mother informed the daughter that many people believed she was older than she actually was.

The mother asked her how she felt about that presumption before going further. The three-year-old expressed gratitude to individuals who believed she was six years old but were mistaken. She acknowledged that she is three years and a few months old.

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Many social media users who watched the video noticed the girl’s brilliance and predicted that the girl would be highly intelligent in the future.

Watch the video below:

@allisonmathisjones Replying to @theanimalstrength_system to everyone who says my baby girl looks 6, she says “thank youuuuuu” 😂 #momsoftiktok #tallgirl #tallkids #toddlersoftiktok #momlife #preschoolmom #basketballfamily ♬ Sunshine – WIRA

See reactions below:

@Shy: Put my son in swim class. They said sit him down & put his feet in the water. Ma’am he is 4 months. He can’t sit up. The class was for 1 yr old ????

@.: She learned to talk so well because you talk to her like a regular person, which make children develop (intellectually) faster.. baby talk prevent it

@Marina Aliah Gonzalezhvir jogg: Her dad being 6’7 literally explains. Don’t listen to these strange people lol. Baby girl is beautiful! ????

@TheAutizzyLesbie: When i was 8 ppl were guessing my age as 3. My parents would take me to carnivals to make money from ppl guessing my age wrong????????????????

@OG Goonberry: Your daughter is a cutie pie ????

@IndianDoll: She’s gonna be a beautiful model ????and my daughter just turned 3 she always talks very well❤️????????

@Claudia Jensen: My grandson did just turn 7 and is taller then his 9 yrs old friend

@jhopes military wife: she’s so intelligent oh my god

@moshimoshiemiko: To speak that well at 3 and she’s probably also picking up Japanese.. wow! Beautiful family

@Serletta Ducksworth: Well if they see my 7 yo he looks 10 my husband 6”2 and I’m 5”7 so he’s tall for his age and talked very well for his age. So I completely understand.

@: my brother 5 n look younger than her. she pushing 7????

@QveenOfTheAsh(es): That’s a smart baby! Wow! These kids are more self aware than I was 33 years ago!. I didn’t realize I was “alive” until I was 10!

@Love It All: I get this all the time! My babygirl is also 3, she’s tall and looks like she’s 6! She’ll be 4 in July! God bless our tall princess ????????????❤️

@MaPoswa: Advantages of having a father: you speak well at a young age.

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