List Of Science Courses Offered In Mountain Top University

Embarking on a journey of scientific discovery and academic excellence is a thrilling endeavor, and Mountain Top University stands at the forefront, providing a diverse array of science courses to ignite the passion of aspiring scientists, researchers, and professionals. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the impressive selection of science courses available, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and the promising career paths that await graduates.

Exploring the Sciences at Mountain Top University:

  1. Biological Sciences:
    • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences
    • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
    • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
    • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  2. Computer Science:
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  3. Physics:
    • Bachelor of Science in Physics
    • Bachelor of Science in Astronomy
    • Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics
  4. Chemistry:
    • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
    • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry
  5. Mathematics:
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
    • Bachelor of Science in Statistics
    • Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

Admission Requirements:

To embark on this exciting academic journey, aspiring students must meet the following requirements:

  • General Requirements:
    • Completed application form
    • Copy of high school diploma or equivalent
    • Official transcripts from previous schools
    • SAT or ACT scores
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Personal statement
  • Specific Requirements for Science Courses:
    • Minimum of five (5) credits in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
    • Score of at least 200 in the JAMB examination

Scholarship Opportunities:

Recognizing the importance of supporting academic aspirations, Mountain Top University offers a range of scholarships for science students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These scholarships not only ease the financial burden but also empower deserving students to pursue their dreams in the world of science.

Job Placement Opportunities:

Upon completing their science courses at Mountain Top University, graduates open doors to diverse and exciting career opportunities. Equipped with a strong foundation, they can excel in fields such as research, education, healthcare, and government, making a meaningful impact in their chosen professions.


Mountain Top University stands as a beacon of academic excellence, shaping the future of scientists and professionals. If you harbor a passion for science and aspire to make a meaningful impact in the world, Mountain Top University is your gateway to unlocking your potential and achieving your academic and professional dreams. Join us in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation as we shape the scientists and leaders of tomorrow.

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