List Of Private Universities In Ogun State And Their Fees

Nestled in the southwestern part of Nigeria, Ogun State boasts a rich educational landscape, particularly with its array of private universities. Among them, Babcock University, Bells University of Technology, Covenant University, Crescent University, and Hallmark University stand out, each offering a unique blend of academic excellence and values. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the distinct features of these institutions, showcasing the diverse opportunities they provide for students seeking quality education.

Babcock University:

Nurturing Excellence in a Christian Environment Established as one of Nigeria’s oldest private universities, Babcock University, located in Ilishan-Remo, upholds a commitment to high academic standards within a Christian environment. With a diverse range of programs, the university’s annual tuition fees, ranging from ₦430,000 to ₦538,000, reflect its dedication to delivering quality education.

Bells University of Technology:

Pioneering Education in Technology and Sciences Situated in Ota, Bells University of Technology focuses on technology-related fields such as engineering and computer science. Aspiring technologists and scientists can enroll in programs aligned with their passions, with tuition fees ranging from ₦470,000 to ₦538,000 per year.

Covenant University:

Innovation and Faith Unite In Ota, Covenant University stands as a beacon of innovative teaching methods intertwined with a strong emphasis on Christian values. Renowned for its commitment to research and quality education, the institution’s tuition fees vary from ₦545,000 to ₦595,000 per year, reflecting its investment in academic excellence.

Crescent University:

A Hub of Learning with Islamic Values Located in Abeokuta, Crescent University is a Muslim institution offering courses in Islamic studies, law, and related fields. With tuition fees ranging from ₦461,000 to ₦491,000 per year, Crescent University provides an academic environment where students can pursue their studies while upholding Islamic principles.

Hallmark University:

Christian Values in Academia In Ijebu-Itele, Hallmark University, a Christian institution, offers programs in medicine, engineering, and other fields. The university’s commitment to academic and moral development is reflected in tuition fees ranging from ₦565,000 to ₦615,000 per year.

Other Noteworthy Private Universities in Ogun State:

Beyond these highlighted institutions, Ogun State is home to several other prominent private universities, each contributing to the diverse educational landscape. Chrisland University, Mcpherson University, Mountain Top University, Redeemer’s University, Southwestern University, and Trinity University offer a variety of academic disciplines, ensuring students find a suitable environment for their growth.


As students embark on their educational journeys, Ogun State’s private universities provide a vibrant and fulfilling experience. Whether one seeks a Christian, Muslim, or technology-focused learning environment, these institutions offer a platform for academic and personal growth. With a commitment to excellence and values, these universities collectively contribute to shaping the future leaders of Nigeria

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