List of Nigerian Law School Campuses and Portal

Welcome to our guide on Nigerian Law School campuses, where we’ll provide you with valuable information about the thirteen campuses scattered across the country. Established in 1962, the Nigerian Law School has grown to become a prestigious institution for legal education in Africa.

List of Nigerian Law School Campuses:

  1. Abuja Campus:
  2. Lagos Campus:
  3. Enugu Campus:
  4. Yola Campus:
  5. Kano Campus:
  6. Jos Campus:
  7. Kabba Campus:
  8. Argungu Campus:
  9. Port Harcourt Campus:
  10. Maiduguri Campus:
  11. Orogun Campus:
  12. Ilawe Campus:
  13. Okija Campus:

Centralized Portal:

Recently, the Nigerian Law School launched a new centralized platform for all its campuses. You can access it at Nigerian Law School Central Portal.


Q1: Can I find information about all Nigerian Law School campuses in one place? A1: Yes, the Nigerian Law School has introduced a centralized portal for easy access to information about all its campuses. Visit for comprehensive details.

Q2: How do I apply to the Nigerian Law School? A2: To apply, visit the specific campus portal of your choice or use the centralized portal. Follow the application guidelines provided on the respective portals.

Q3: Are there any specific entry requirements for the Nigerian Law School? A3: Yes, each campus may have specific entry requirements. Refer to the admission section on the respective portals or contact the admissions office for accurate information.


This guide aims to assist prospective students and curious individuals in exploring the various Nigerian Law School campuses. Whether you’re interested in the bustling city life of Lagos or the serene landscapes of Enugu, each campus has its unique charm. Check out the centralized portal for a streamlined experience in accessing information about all the campuses.

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