List Of Courses Offered In Malawi Adventist University

Malawi Adventist University (MAU) stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a rich tapestry of courses across various fields to mold students into successful professionals and leaders. With a commitment to instilling not only knowledge but also essential skills and values, MAU provides a nurturing environment for holistic education. Let’s delve into the diverse courses offered at this esteemed institution:

1. Faculty of Business and Management Studies:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): The BBA program at MAU equips students with a solid foundation in business principles, preparing them for dynamic roles in the corporate world.

Bachelor of Accountancy: This program focuses on developing accounting professionals with a keen understanding of financial intricacies and strategic financial management.

Master of Business Administration (MBA): For those seeking advanced business acumen, the MBA program at MAU offers a comprehensive curriculum designed for future business leaders.

Master of Science in Accounting and Finance (MAF): This specialized master’s program hones expertise in accounting and finance, creating professionals adept at navigating complex financial landscapes.

2. Faculty of Education:

Bachelor of Arts in Education: MAU’s education programs, including this Bachelor’s degree, aim to shape educators who can inspire and guide the next generation.

Bachelor of Science in Education: Focused on the scientific principles of education, this program prepares individuals to address the challenges and opportunities in the field.

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development: This program caters to those passionate about nurturing young minds, providing a comprehensive understanding of early childhood education.

Master of Arts in Education: For educators seeking advanced knowledge and leadership skills, the MA in Education program is designed to elevate teaching practices.

Master of Science in Education: With a focus on research and advanced pedagogy, this master’s program contributes to the ongoing improvement of education systems.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education: The highest level of academic achievement in education, the Ph.D. program allows scholars to make significant contributions to educational theory and practice.

3. Faculty of Humanities:

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature: This program fosters a deep appreciation for language and literature, preparing students for careers in communication, writing, and more.

Bachelor of Arts in History: MAU’s History program explores the rich tapestry of human experiences, cultivating critical thinking and analytical skills.

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies: Designed for those interested in exploring diverse religious traditions, this program encourages a nuanced understanding of faith and culture.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication: Equipping students with communication skills across various media, this program opens doors to careers in journalism, public relations, and broadcasting.

Master of Arts in English Language and Literature: For those seeking advanced studies in literature and language, this master’s program provides an in-depth exploration of the field.

Master of Arts in History: The master’s program in History delves into advanced historical research and analysis, preparing scholars for impactful contributions to the discipline.

Master of Arts in Religious Studies: This master’s program allows students to deepen their understanding of religious phenomena, fostering a nuanced and informed worldview.

Master of Arts in Communication: For communication professionals seeking advanced knowledge and skills, this master’s program covers strategic communication, media management, and more.

4. Faculty of Science and Technology:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: In the ever-evolving field of technology, this program equips students with the skills to innovate and thrive in the digital landscape.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology: Focused on the practical applications of IT, this program prepares students for roles in software development, cybersecurity, and IT management.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: The Mathematics program at MAU provides a solid foundation in mathematical principles, essential for various industries and further academic pursuits.

Bachelor of Science in Statistics: In an era of data-driven decision-making, the Statistics program trains professionals to analyze and interpret complex datasets.

Master of Science in Computer Science: For those seeking advanced expertise in computer science, this master’s program delves into cutting-edge technologies and research.

Master of Science in Information Technology: This master’s program provides a deep dive into advanced IT concepts, preparing professionals for leadership roles in technology-driven industries.

Master of Science in Mathematics: Designed for mathematicians seeking to advance their expertise, this program explores advanced mathematical theories and applications.

Master of Science in Statistics: Advanced statistical analysis and research methods are the focus of this master’s program, preparing graduates for roles in data science and research.

Faculty of Theology:

Bachelor of Theology:

This program lays the foundation for students pursuing a life of ministry, providing a comprehensive understanding of theological principles.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology:

Combining theological studies with a broader liberal arts education, this program fosters critical thinking and ethical reasoning.

Master of Theology:

For theologians seeking advanced studies, the Master of Theology program offers a deep dive into theological research and scholarship.

Master of Arts in Theology:

This program combines theological studies with a focus on practical applications, preparing individuals for leadership roles in religious organizations.


Malawi Adventist University offers a diverse array of courses across its faculties, providing students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in their chosen fields. The institution’s commitment to holistic education is evident in its comprehensive programs that not only impart academic knowledge but also foster personal and professional growth. Whether pursuing business, education, humanities, science and technology, or theology, students at MAU are equipped to make meaningful contributions to society as competent and ethical professionals and leaders.

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