List of Courses Offered in Capital City University | NUC Approved

Are you aspiring to excel in your chosen profession? Look no further than Capital City University in Kano! Approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC), this institution offers a range of accredited courses designed to meet the needs of students seeking quality education. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting courses offered at Capital City University across various faculties.

College of Management and Social Sciences:

  1. B.Sc Hospitality and Tourism
  2. B.Sc Film Production
  3. B.Sc Economics
  4. B.Sc International Relations
  5. B.Sc Criminology and Security Studies
  6. B.Sc Political Science
  7. B.Sc Procurement Management
  8. B.Sc Entrepreneurship
  9. B.Sc Business Management
  10. B.Sc Insurance
  11. B.Sc Accounting

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences:

  1. B. Physiotherapy
  2. B. Nursing Science
  3. B. Radiography
  4. B. Medical Laboratory Sciences

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

  1. D. Pharmacy

Faculty of Science and Computing:

  1. B.Sc. Physics with Electronics
  2. B.Sc. Mathematics
  3. B.Sc. Cyber Security
  4. B.Sc. Digital Entrepreneurship
  5. B.Sc. Software Engineering
  6. B.Sc. Statistics and Data Science
  7. B.Sc. Computer Science
  8. B.Sc. Forensic Science
  9. B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Microbiology

Quality Education Commitment:

Capital City University is dedicated to providing top-notch education, aligning its courses with international standards. The university strives to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their professional journeys.

FAQs about Capital City University:

1. Is Capital City University accredited by the NUC? Yes, Capital City University is approved by the National Universities Commission, ensuring the credibility of its courses.

2. What makes the courses at Capital City University unique? The university offers a diverse range of courses designed to meet the evolving needs of various industries, preparing students for success in their chosen fields.

3. How can I apply for admission to Capital City University? For information on admission procedures, visit the official university website or contact the admission office for guidance.

4. Are there scholarships available for students? Capital City University may offer scholarships based on merit or other criteria. Check the university’s scholarship programs for eligibility and application details.


Embark on your educational journey at Capital City University, where quality education meets a diverse range of courses. Whether you’re interested in social sciences, health sciences, pharmaceuticals, or computing, the university has something to offer for every aspiring professional. Explore the possibilities and unlock your potential at Capital City University in Kano.

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