List Of Art Subjects In WAEC

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) offers a diverse range of art subjects, providing students with a platform to explore and showcase their talents. In this guide, we will delve into the art subjects offered by WAEC, how to choose the right ones for you, the requirements for taking these subjects, and effective strategies for preparation.

Art Subjects Offered by WAEC:

WAEC presents a bouquet of nine art subjects, encompassing a wide spectrum of disciplines. These subjects are:

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Civic Education
  4. Literature in English
  5. Government or History
  6. Economics
  7. Fine Arts
  8. Music
  9. One trade subject

Choosing the Right Art Subjects:

Selecting the most suitable art subjects involves a thoughtful consideration of personal interests, strengths, and future career aspirations. To make an informed decision:

  1. Take a Career Aptitude Test: If you’re uncertain about your path, a career aptitude test can provide valuable insights into your strengths and interests.
  2. Research Course Requirements: Investigate the specific requirements of your desired art course to ensure alignment with the subjects you choose.
  3. Consider Strengths and Weaknesses: Take into account your academic strengths and weaknesses, avoiding subjects that may hinder your overall performance.

Requirements for Taking WAEC Art Subjects:

While specific requirements may vary by course, there are general prerequisites for all art students:

  1. Minimum of Five O’level Credits: Including English Language and Mathematics.
  2. At Least Two Credits in Art Subjects:
  3. Nigerian Citizenship:

Preparing for WAEC Art Subjects:

Effective preparation is the cornerstone of success in WAEC art subjects. Follow these tips to enhance your readiness:

  1. Start Early: Commence your preparation well in advance to cover all topics thoroughly.
  2. Create a Study Plan: Organize your study schedule to ensure comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.
  3. Review the Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the content outline to prioritize and focus on key areas.
  4. Practice with Past Questions: Gain insights into the exam pattern and refine your time-management skills.
  5. Utilize Resources: Access online and library resources to enhance your understanding of complex topics.


Navigating WAEC art subjects requires a thoughtful approach, aligning your choices with both personal interests and future academic pursuits. By understanding the subjects, requirements, and effective preparation strategies, you can confidently embark on your journey towards a successful university art course.

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